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28 Feb

not much going on with workouts the last few days.. i’ve felt like a piece of crap since sunday morning, skipped work monday, and barely made it in today..

i’m achy, nauseous, and have a headache.

thats all for now.. CPA exam tomorrow 😦 catch up soon.


weekend weigh-in

25 Feb

hey guys.. i’m feeling like crap tonight! whatever i have likes to come on full force when the sun goes down. i just loaded up on some alka-seltzer, so hopefully i can kick it before it gets too much worse..


i’ll do a little recap since i was absent friday..

i weighed in friday morning and the scale read 261! i lost 5 lbs in a little over 5 days!! i’m happy with that! then, from there, the day got crazy!

i got to work at 7:30 and was swamped as soon as i got there. between meetings and trying to get mid-year spreadsheets and recons to the auditors, i barely had time to think. 2:15 hit and i hadn’t even had breakfast yet! (since i changed my eating, i found i do 10x better with a filling breakfast, so at this point, i was ravenous!) i went down the road to jimmy johns and got a turkey sandwich with sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and avocado on whole wheat. it was sooooo good, def not something i would normally have, but i was starving and i knew my grapefruit and protein shake would not hold me over.


i ended up working 2 hours later than expected and then went out to dinner, where i had a broiled crab cake with a few sweet potato fries. best. crab cake. ever. there wasn’t anyyyy filler! it was straight crab meat and herbs. so good.

i did miss my workout because i overslept friday morning and then didn’t feel like it at 10:30 last night and planned to do it this morning.

well.. this morning i felt like crap. so that didn’t happen. both workouts will be complete by the end of sunday! (pure cardio and plyometrics)

we headed to ikea today and got some really great things! some pillows, a rug (for $20!!!!!), 2 chandeliers, a kitchen table, and a kitchen hutch (not really sure how to explain it!) all for a great price! however, we were packed like pickles on the way home!


i wish i could find the products on the website to show you, but you’ll just have to wait until we move in 😉

i will show you a pic of the house.. it’s a modular and we are buying almost 4 acres of land to put it on. i can’t wait for the dogs to have plenty of room to play!


now i’m relaxing by the fire, hoping this nightly sickness will go away.. my whole body is aching right now 😦

Q: how do you feel about ikea furniture? a great deal or too much of a pain to deal with?