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doctors visit

14 Mar

if you don’t want to be invited to my pitty party, come back another day..

my problem started last week, where i worked well over 60 hours. i tried to get up and move as much as possible, but when your boss is hassling you to get something done, that’s the last thing you think about..

by the end of the week my tailbone was reaaaaaally sore.. like i had just fallen on it sore (*note: i broke my tailbone in college being an idiot and sometimes i have dull pain, but nothing this serious)

fast forward to monday and i couldn’t even sit without excruciating pain.

this morning, i woke up after a very shitty nights sleep (because of the pain) and was almost in tears from the pain in my tailbone region.. i scheduled an appointment and was seeing a doctor by 10 am.. turns out it wasn’t just a sore tailbone.. it was a cyst ON my tailbone causing major discomfort. apparently it was pretty serious and i ha han appointment at 2pm to get it checked out by a specialist..

well.. at 3pm, many numbing shots, some cussing, and tonnnnns of tears later, i was out of there in more pain than i came (have i ever mentioned i have a phobia of needles/doctors..? well, now ya know). a different kind of pain, but pain nonetheless.. turns out the cyst (which i have had facial cysts before) is hereditary, but the long hours at the job last week flared it into a frenzy..

so i’m laying in bed playing draw something thinking about how random and painful this day was.. i feel like this stuff only happens to me..

hope your day was better than mine. i’m gonna go snuggle with this guy: