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stuffed jalapenos

21 Feb

hey guys! i have another recipe post, today!

i don’t know if i will be posting recipes all the time, or just when i really like something. i am by no means a culinary genius and i’m still learning when it comes to cooking and baking!

as you know, i am obsessed with pinterest. i am always eager to find easy, new recipes that i can incorporate into both free days and the rest of the week, when i’m eating clean. well, barbara has a board on pinterest dedicated to food i should make. i’ve tried making a few of them and most have turned out great! once thing she found, were these jalapenos poppers, which are weight watchers friendly.


i took it upon myself to tweak the recipe a bit with what i had on hand!

stuffed jalapenos (inspired by this recipe)

  • 4 T of low-fat shredded cheddar cheese
  • 4 wedges of Laughing Cow Light – Blue Cheese (any will work)
  • 2 T of non-fat greek yogurt
  • 4 jalapenos
  • 6 T of whole wheat panko breading

(the original recipe calls for dipping the jalapenos with an egg wash and then dipping into the bread crumbs. i did that the first time with egg whites and it turned out great. the second time i just sprinkled the bread crumbs on top and it worked just as good! )


  • preheat oven to 350 degrees F and coat a large baking sheet (i used a baking stone, so this wasn’t necessary)
  • in a bowl, combine cheddar cheese, LCL, and greek yogurt, set aside
  • cut peppers in half and remove seeds, then rub your eyes (i did this on accident, actually i ALWAYS do this when working with peppers, like my eyes are only itchy when i have fire fingers, or something)
  • fill peppers with cheese mixture
  • at this point, if you are using the egg wash, dip your poppers in the wash and then coat with bread crumbs and place on baking sheet
  • if you are not using the egg wash, place the poppers on your baking sheet and sprinkle bread crumbs on top
  • bake for about 30 minutes (the cheese should be bubbling and the outside should be brown)
  • serve immediately! ENJOY!



i promise i will be posting an update the start of my weight loss journey, round 3489374. i fell of the wagon completely last week, and now i’m back at square one. 😦 nothing i can do about it now, except get back on track and work twice as hard. almost two months have passed and i’m nowhere near my goals i set for the new year. plus, i have a 10K i am running in on march 31st and i probably can’t run 3 minutes right now. gah!

hope everyone had a great weekend!

Q: have you ever tried to commit to something and you just kept sabotaging yourself? i, for some reason, always sabotage myself during weight loss right after 35-40 lbs lost. i don’t know why, but i really want to look into it. i KNOW i want this, so why can’t i force myself to do it?


long time no blog.

24 Jan

shew, it has been a long time since i’ve been on here. between the holidays, work (I GOT THE FULL TIME POSITION!!!! i’m now General Ledger Accountant!!! 🙂 ), studying (or lack there of), working out, and just life in general.. this def took the wayyyyy back burner.

i just wanted to give you a quick re-cap, since i don’t feel like rambling!

sleepiness: i finally got to talk to my doctor today.. i had my sleep study done and the final result of that is a diagnosis of narcolepsy. i know that sounds crazy, but i’m sure most people think of the extreme of ‘i fall asleep all the time with no warning’. other symptoms are extreme fatigue during the day.. blah, blah, blah. next step is to log my sleep for 2 weeks, then take a day sleep study, where i will take short naps throughout the day.. and go from there.

workouts: i’ve been doing insanity with barbara in the morning. we don’t always get up and out of bed, but to make up for it, we are going to do two-a-days for the next week. we also go ASYLUM to integrate into our workouts after the 6o days is up! i cant wait!

eating: i’ve also been trying as hard as i can to eat clean. i’m still learning and i will continue to learn, but i’m excited that i’m starting to make recipes and meals up with my own ideas! i made a great spaghetti squash the other night.. and then last week, i made a great seasoned chicken with some roasted asparagus and tomatoes. i also boiled a potato and mashed it with just some roasted garlic.

roasted veggies:

final product:

i have to share the love of my new fav protein shake, which i usually like to have for dessert..

as you can see, i use a scoop of mrm vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, some ice, half a frozen banana, and 1 T of dark choc dreams pb. TO. DIE. FOR!

here’s what my lunches have looked like at work:

they are frozen veggies with frank’s hot sauce and a whole wheat english muffin with 1 egg white, 2 pieces of low sodium turkey, and some laughing cow light.

i’ve also been doing really well at getting a gallon of water in a day!

when i have protein oats at work, i usually just take a container and try to get about what a scoop looks like in there.. i thought of this great idea awhile ago, and finally found what i needed:

formula dispenser to get the perfect amount of protein!

i also made my first recipea! i de-veganized it by adding some extra lean turkey for protein factor!

that’s that on the food front! don’t want to bore you too much!

i do want to mention that i want to make this soup and this pizza (all her pizzas are THE BEST). i also wanted to mention i entered the giveaway over here to try to win some chobani, since i have yet to find the apple cinnamon!

i’ve also been hanging out with this guy:

who is almost one year old! can’t wait to celebrate!

we like to do curls with his new harness.. he doesn’t mind!

last, but not least, we celebrated barbara’s birthday on sunday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!! we celebrated very low-key with the family at home (see, no makeup!):

drinks to celebrate:

shew! hopefully i didn’t bore you to death!!! i’m going to try and be more consistent with this stuff! it’s nice to share stuff!

i’m also obsessed with pinterest.. if you follow me, you’d def see that i’m on there all day.. as well as intagram! if you have either, make sure you follow me! i love to see other people’s photos and interests!

here’s an idea i got from pinterest.. you can’t tell that my hair is braided around into the pony, but it looked pretty cool! first time i’ve ever rocked the side pony outta the house:

hope you all have a great night! xox

five things friday && pinterest

2 Dec

let’s talk about it: pinterest. i finally gave in a got an invitation to pinterest today at about 2.. I’M OFFICIALLY OBESSSSSSSED. i love it.. i’ve only looked at DIY so far, and i’m absolutely in LOVE with this stinkin’ website! i want to share with you some of the first things i want to tackle.. or at least hope that i’m able to tackle!


i need to find silverware ASAP!

this is a drawing made out of magazines!!!

i’m going to use this:

for this:

look at this sweet DSLR that barbara NEVVVVVVER uses! she’s crazy! i told her i wanted to start using and it and she said ‘what’s mine is yours’ .. so i’m going to accept that invitation (even though shes told me i could use it before) and start learning how to take pictures! i can’t wait!!

i want to do this to my hair:

scrabble! such a cute idea!

i also saw one of my instagram friends using holiday wrapping paper in picture frames. so cute for the holiday season without all the tackyness! i HATE tacky 🙂

apparently i need LOTS of silverware 🙂

those are just a FEW of the one’s i’m completely in love with. there are a lot of great ideas for turning oversized sweatshirts/t-shirts into really cute pieces. i also saw a necklace that somehow uses laces and makes a really great asymmetrical piece! i love all the jewelry ideas. plus, no one would ever have the same piece as me 🙂

now i’m hanging out with this guy (and the other two, of course):

i have to leave for my sleep study in about 20 mins, but i wanted to share my new obsession with pinterest.

since i’m new and you don’t know me (if there is anyone besides janetha reading), i wanted to share 5 things about myself 🙂

1. i’m left-handed.

i may write left-handed, but i play softball (and just about everything else) right-handed.

2. i’m obsessed with dogs (you may have already gotten this idea but i’ll just emphasize it)

i grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, but i decided i liked numbers a little more. i use to volunteer at all the pet hospitals in my area. one time, a newfoundland puppy came in and i completely melted. i will own one, one day. yogi’s enough big, for now! (he weighs 125 lbs)

3. i want to retire in jackson hole, wyoming.

when i was about 12, i spent the summer in utah, montanna, and wyoming and completely fell in love with the all three states. we went digging for dinos, hiking, and white water rafting. it was honestly the best trip i have ever taken. jackson hole just found a place in my heart when we went to visit. i still have the baseball hat i bought when i went there. i could honestly live in any of those three states. they are all gorgeous and there is SO much you can do! fun fact: when we were hiking one day, we found some snow and it ended up having a watermelon flavor from whatever harmless algae was growing in it!

4. from the time i was 11-16 i was the ‘woman of the house’.

my mom had an accident which cause severe brain damage where she experienced seizures and other medical problems. it also triggered severe personality changes, so she decided she was going to live with my grandmother until i was 14. once they both moved back into our house, i was still the one making sure everyone was taken care of. this experience made me mature at such a young age. sometimes i wish i could have that part of my childhood back. if i ever talk about it, you will see my mom and i have a pretty ‘different‘ relationship.

5. i would rather clean than do anything else.

i wouldn’t necessarily call myself OCD, but i do have some ‘tendencies’. i love to clean. i love a clean house. i love the smell of pine sol and clorox, not together, but their appropriate areas. i think the feeling of taking a shower (and getting dressed) and getting in a a bed with fresh sheets is THE BEST feeling in the world. i don’t know how that feeling feels often since we have three dogs who LOVE to cuddle.

okay. that’s it for now. i have to run! i have a busy saturday planned, so hopefully i’ll be able to share some of it with you tomorrow night!