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23 Feb

guess what?! it’s almost the weekend! yay! i’m excited because we’re making a trip up to ikea + i get to see my mom, hopefully!

yesterday was a pretty heavy post, but i’m feeling a lot better today, other than the fact that i cannot walk down stairs without looking like a complete idiot..

i have DOMS like no other right now.. they always say the third day after an intense workout is rough and they are right. those ‘they’ people know their stuff, whoever they are!

before i get into today.. i want to discuss the rest of my eats yesterday. my lunch and afternoon snack stayed the same ( i also got in over 1.5 gallons of water), but we ended up going out to mexican for dinner with barbara’s family so we could see all the babies. i went into it thinking i was going to get a salad with grilled chicken on top and refrain from ANY chips and guac. chips with a mixture of the ‘white sauce’ and salsa are my favorite part about mexican restaurants, so i knew i was in for a challenge.

as we pulled up, i decided that i was going to make this my free meal for the week.  i didn’t want to set myself up for failure. before, when i was doing BFL, i would have a free day where all the rules were thrown out the window. i loved that because i never felt deprived.. if i wanted something bad enough, i would just wait until my designated free day and indulge.  this go ’round ( i’m still following the 40/40/20 BFL eating), i have decided to cut back to only one free ‘meal’ once a week. i feel like i was indulging too much and only hurting myself in the long run.

so yeah, i had chips, white sauce + salsa, fresh guac (hold the cilantro.. YUCK!) and a chicken taco salad. i def didn’t eat the whole thing, but i did have some of that delicious shell.. mmm! gosh, i love mexican food!

so, nothing terrible, but i am keeping myself accountable here and need to make these choices known.

today, i’ve had a post workout protein/recovery creamsicle and i just finished my new obsession favorite snack: greek yogurt + banana + a container sprinkle of cinnamon + packet of stevia. i really wish i didn’t have to use the stevia, but greek yogurt alone hits me the wrong way, so i need something to offset that tartness. the rest of my meals will be chicken + pasta + veggies, then i have chicken marinating with some sweet potatoes and veggies for dinner

back to my workout this morning.. it was insanity: cardio recovery. don’t let the ‘recovery’ fool you into thinking it’s a piece of cake. i can feel soreness in my abs more from today than i have the other two workouts. i will tell you, i love a good case of DOMS, but this is crazy. i will be purchasing a foam roller this afternoon!

that’s all for now! i’m feeling good about starting this time.. let’s hope the motivation keeps rolling! i have a new product call ZRII coming in the mail that i cannot wait to try!

Q1: this question is for anyone who has had a wordpress blog before (if there are any of you reading this) how do i get a picture on the right side of my screen? i can’t figure it out!!

Q2: are there any meals/restaurants where you just know that you’re going to indulge, whether you try to or not?