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i moved!

12 Aug

check me out at my new home:



7 Mar

hey guys.. i know i haven’t been on here in a while.. i just wanted to give you a quick update and then get back to work.

work: in the past few days i’ve had a ton of projects thrown my way, which means i’m working about 10-14 hour days.. in at 6:30am out at 8:30pm. not my favorite.. but the work needs to get done.

Zrii: i think Zrii is going as good as possible since i know i’m not treating my body the right way. i’ve been following the plan except working out and i’ve lost 6 lbs. i feel better all around, too.. other than the lack of sleep

fitness: none. yepp.. after working over 10 – 14 hours.. the last thing i want to do is workout.

life: we’re buying a house! well.. technically “i’m” buying a house because the mortgage is in my name. barbara has over $100,000 of student loans. i guess it’s not appealing to mortgage companies when your student loans are half a house.. finances are tight right now.. there are things we want to do/have and i don’t really know how its going to happen. barbara is the person that wants everything right when we move in.. but i’m okay using our brown tv stand in the ‘grey/black’ living room until we can afford a new one.. not her. so.. i’m stressed at work.. and when i go home, it’s even more talk about money and finances and it’s making it impossible to sleep at night. i guess this is what being an adult.

overall.. i’m just exhausted.. physically and mentally. and i would really love some carbs and a diet pepsi. but i’m not going to..

have a good night. back to spreadsheets.

Q: are you ‘gotta-have-it-all-right-now’ person or ‘to-avoid-stress-lets-buy-as-we-go’ kinda person?

designing this thing..

3 Feb

hey guys.. please bear with me as i find a layout i like. i’m really picky so i’m trying designs out for a few days here and there. this one is kinda ‘cutesy’, which is not really me, but i do like the purple (but capital letters don’t appeal to me). we’ll see if this one grows on me!

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

hope everyone is having a great friday! hopefully i can sneak in a post tonight or tomorrow!

two thursday things

2 Feb

hey guys! i’m on a roll, eh? i just wanted to drop in a mention a few thing’s i’m obessed with really into right now.

1. pinterest, as always.. i’ve found quite a few new ways to wear my hair to work that take just about zero time.  i’m all about quick hair-do’s because when i decide to blow dry and straighten it/curling wand its a good 30 mins – 1 hr project.  i have TONS of thickkkk hair.

i just wanted to list a few things i’ve tried and truly like (i know people joke about pinterest because women pin all these things they will never do).  i try my hardest to keep it narrowed down to project, hairstyles, and recipes that i will actually make.

  • this cookie cheesecake. SO EASY! my work loved it!
  • these are in my near future. i love all things lemon and i’ve been craving lemon bars like a crazy person!
  • quite a few of the hair-do’s on this page.  i love the wrap around braid! i also love the waterfall (which i saw before pinterest), but they have different ways of styling them, so it’s not always the same look!
  • this baking soda and oj mask! oh. my. gah. better than any deep cleansing mask i have ever used, you guys! you mix 1 T of each together and scrub onto your face.. let it sit for 20 mins and then scrub off. my face felt amazing afterwards.  i have very oily skin and this kept it away all night (usually when i was my face, as soon as i dry it off, i can feel the oil coming back).
  • i’m also trying this water next week. i’ve never been a ‘water’ person. i can drink diet drink one after the other, but water.. ehh. since i’ve been trying to eat better and exercise more, i know my body needs the hydration that water offers.  i try to get a gallon in a day.. but that doesn’t always happen. i wanna try this method just to change it up a bit!

2. pet daycare. i am in love. seriously.  this dog slept from the time he got home, to the time i woke up and realized it was time for me to LEAVE (yep, i usually leave my house at 7:30.. it was 7:28..ugh)

that may be it for now.. i had a lot more things i was currently obsessed with interested in, but my brain is everywhere but here these days and i can’t remember a damn thing.  i guess i’m going to have to start writing stuff down when it pops into my brain or it will be lost for eternity.

i’m going to go because i had a really rough night/morning at work because of personal matters.. not getting into, just going to leave it at that. i’m mentally drained, to say the least.

happy thursday, everyone! it’s almost friday, which means it’s almost the weekend..  🙂

..which means i sit for a CPA exam, that i have yet to study for, on monday! 😦

wordless wednesday: this past week

1 Feb

thanks, janetha!

curling wand!

from here.

four eyes friday

photo shoot with baby haden


protein ice cream!

first day of playcare!


because of that^:



okay.. a few words.. hope you have a great night!

no new year’s resolutions.

25 Jan

back again! i know, so soon, right?!  since it’s the new year and everyone at this point is either sticking to their resolutions or slowly starting to fall off the wagon, i wanted to discuss what i planned at the beginning of the year:

i, myself, didn’t make actual resolutions.  i always make them, never follow through, and then beat myself up for failing.  i didn’t want that to happen this year. this year i decided that i was going to set goals for myself.. attainable goals. not goals like lose 90 lbs (which was my goal when i started bfl last summer).  my only real goal is to stay healthy and be comfortable in my own skin, if 90 lbs come off in that process, so be it.

like i’ve said before, i don’t want to be a size 2, and i may never be a size 8, but I know that i DO want to feel comfortable, whatever the jean size says, instead of a larger number dictating my own perception of myself.  i don’t want washboard abs, i just want a flat stomach, no jiggle when i wave, and maybe a gap in between my legs.

i hate that between society making plus sizes smaller and smaller and my dad critiquing everything about me, i never feel good about myself.  i want to break away from all of that and love me for me, from now on; who cares what ANYONE says, except me; i know i shouldn’t.  if i mess up on a non-free day, oh well; i will learn from that mistake and do better.  i won’t give up and binge for the next week, like i’m so good at doing.

this post may not make sense and may be all over the place, but this is what’s been running through my head since jan 1st hit.  No, i haven’t completed all the insanity workouts that i should have by now, but guess what? i’m doubling up on my workouts so i don’t fall past the end date i set  out with.  i don’t have a set number of pounds i want to lose by summer, because who knows how much fat i will lose and how much muscle i will gain?

i have already kicked my terrible habit of stepping on the scale morning and night.  i love it! as long as i know i am eating the right choices, i will get to my goal! if it takes me all year, that’s okay with me.  i just DON’T want to fall off like i always do; in the past when i fall of the wagon, i end up giving myself the biggest guilt trip ever which leads to binging. no more of that!

i think this is enough for today. if i bored or rambled you to death, i’m not sorry.. this post was more for me than anyone else.  to reassure myself that i CAN and WILL do this.  i want to live a long healthy life and i don’t want to be critical of my figure anymore.  THAT is my goal this year. no new year’s resolutions.

long time no blog.

24 Jan

shew, it has been a long time since i’ve been on here. between the holidays, work (I GOT THE FULL TIME POSITION!!!! i’m now General Ledger Accountant!!! 🙂 ), studying (or lack there of), working out, and just life in general.. this def took the wayyyyy back burner.

i just wanted to give you a quick re-cap, since i don’t feel like rambling!

sleepiness: i finally got to talk to my doctor today.. i had my sleep study done and the final result of that is a diagnosis of narcolepsy. i know that sounds crazy, but i’m sure most people think of the extreme of ‘i fall asleep all the time with no warning’. other symptoms are extreme fatigue during the day.. blah, blah, blah. next step is to log my sleep for 2 weeks, then take a day sleep study, where i will take short naps throughout the day.. and go from there.

workouts: i’ve been doing insanity with barbara in the morning. we don’t always get up and out of bed, but to make up for it, we are going to do two-a-days for the next week. we also go ASYLUM to integrate into our workouts after the 6o days is up! i cant wait!

eating: i’ve also been trying as hard as i can to eat clean. i’m still learning and i will continue to learn, but i’m excited that i’m starting to make recipes and meals up with my own ideas! i made a great spaghetti squash the other night.. and then last week, i made a great seasoned chicken with some roasted asparagus and tomatoes. i also boiled a potato and mashed it with just some roasted garlic.

roasted veggies:

final product:

i have to share the love of my new fav protein shake, which i usually like to have for dessert..

as you can see, i use a scoop of mrm vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, some ice, half a frozen banana, and 1 T of dark choc dreams pb. TO. DIE. FOR!

here’s what my lunches have looked like at work:

they are frozen veggies with frank’s hot sauce and a whole wheat english muffin with 1 egg white, 2 pieces of low sodium turkey, and some laughing cow light.

i’ve also been doing really well at getting a gallon of water in a day!

when i have protein oats at work, i usually just take a container and try to get about what a scoop looks like in there.. i thought of this great idea awhile ago, and finally found what i needed:

formula dispenser to get the perfect amount of protein!

i also made my first recipea! i de-veganized it by adding some extra lean turkey for protein factor!

that’s that on the food front! don’t want to bore you too much!

i do want to mention that i want to make this soup and this pizza (all her pizzas are THE BEST). i also wanted to mention i entered the giveaway over here to try to win some chobani, since i have yet to find the apple cinnamon!

i’ve also been hanging out with this guy:

who is almost one year old! can’t wait to celebrate!

we like to do curls with his new harness.. he doesn’t mind!

last, but not least, we celebrated barbara’s birthday on sunday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!! we celebrated very low-key with the family at home (see, no makeup!):

drinks to celebrate:

shew! hopefully i didn’t bore you to death!!! i’m going to try and be more consistent with this stuff! it’s nice to share stuff!

i’m also obsessed with pinterest.. if you follow me, you’d def see that i’m on there all day.. as well as intagram! if you have either, make sure you follow me! i love to see other people’s photos and interests!

here’s an idea i got from pinterest.. you can’t tell that my hair is braided around into the pony, but it looked pretty cool! first time i’ve ever rocked the side pony outta the house:

hope you all have a great night! xox

five things friday && pinterest

2 Dec

let’s talk about it: pinterest. i finally gave in a got an invitation to pinterest today at about 2.. I’M OFFICIALLY OBESSSSSSSED. i love it.. i’ve only looked at DIY so far, and i’m absolutely in LOVE with this stinkin’ website! i want to share with you some of the first things i want to tackle.. or at least hope that i’m able to tackle!


i need to find silverware ASAP!

this is a drawing made out of magazines!!!

i’m going to use this:

for this:

look at this sweet DSLR that barbara NEVVVVVVER uses! she’s crazy! i told her i wanted to start using and it and she said ‘what’s mine is yours’ .. so i’m going to accept that invitation (even though shes told me i could use it before) and start learning how to take pictures! i can’t wait!!

i want to do this to my hair:

scrabble! such a cute idea!

i also saw one of my instagram friends using holiday wrapping paper in picture frames. so cute for the holiday season without all the tackyness! i HATE tacky 🙂

apparently i need LOTS of silverware 🙂

those are just a FEW of the one’s i’m completely in love with. there are a lot of great ideas for turning oversized sweatshirts/t-shirts into really cute pieces. i also saw a necklace that somehow uses laces and makes a really great asymmetrical piece! i love all the jewelry ideas. plus, no one would ever have the same piece as me 🙂

now i’m hanging out with this guy (and the other two, of course):

i have to leave for my sleep study in about 20 mins, but i wanted to share my new obsession with pinterest.

since i’m new and you don’t know me (if there is anyone besides janetha reading), i wanted to share 5 things about myself 🙂

1. i’m left-handed.

i may write left-handed, but i play softball (and just about everything else) right-handed.

2. i’m obsessed with dogs (you may have already gotten this idea but i’ll just emphasize it)

i grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, but i decided i liked numbers a little more. i use to volunteer at all the pet hospitals in my area. one time, a newfoundland puppy came in and i completely melted. i will own one, one day. yogi’s enough big, for now! (he weighs 125 lbs)

3. i want to retire in jackson hole, wyoming.

when i was about 12, i spent the summer in utah, montanna, and wyoming and completely fell in love with the all three states. we went digging for dinos, hiking, and white water rafting. it was honestly the best trip i have ever taken. jackson hole just found a place in my heart when we went to visit. i still have the baseball hat i bought when i went there. i could honestly live in any of those three states. they are all gorgeous and there is SO much you can do! fun fact: when we were hiking one day, we found some snow and it ended up having a watermelon flavor from whatever harmless algae was growing in it!

4. from the time i was 11-16 i was the ‘woman of the house’.

my mom had an accident which cause severe brain damage where she experienced seizures and other medical problems. it also triggered severe personality changes, so she decided she was going to live with my grandmother until i was 14. once they both moved back into our house, i was still the one making sure everyone was taken care of. this experience made me mature at such a young age. sometimes i wish i could have that part of my childhood back. if i ever talk about it, you will see my mom and i have a pretty ‘different‘ relationship.

5. i would rather clean than do anything else.

i wouldn’t necessarily call myself OCD, but i do have some ‘tendencies’. i love to clean. i love a clean house. i love the smell of pine sol and clorox, not together, but their appropriate areas. i think the feeling of taking a shower (and getting dressed) and getting in a a bed with fresh sheets is THE BEST feeling in the world. i don’t know how that feeling feels often since we have three dogs who LOVE to cuddle.

okay. that’s it for now. i have to run! i have a busy saturday planned, so hopefully i’ll be able to share some of it with you tomorrow night!

sleepy tuesday.

29 Nov

this morning i woke up soooo tired. when will i go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed?? even though it’s been a pretty sleepy tuesday, i ended up getting a lot done.

i left of talking about thanksgiving weekend. i ended up going out saturday night with barbara and brittany.. ended up spending over $50.. ugh, one of the main reasons i hate going to bars. i would rather spend my money on a nice dinner than a few drinks.

barbara & i

brittany & i

sunday was a pretty lazy day.. barbara was sick from drinking and i slept until 12:30 p.m. and loved every second of it. sometimes you just need to SLEEP, or that’s what i believe!

we put up some of the last of the decorations:

we ended up having a going away dinner for barbara; she will be in florida until the 11th, lucky brat! she requested spaghetti, but there was also steaks, homemade mashed potatoes, mac’n’cheese, and salad.

barbara didn’t start packing until 10:30 p.m. and we didn’t go to sleep until about 1:00 a.m. 😦 we were up by 3:30 a.m. so we could get to the airport on time. between salt from the long weekend and being up early, i looked pretty bad monday morning at work.

but i was excited cause i wore my new sweater (it’s red and i NEVER wear red, but i felt festive)

chugging started as soon as i got to work. i planned on getting well of a gallon of water in monday.

i was curious to see how many times i actually go to the bathroom based on how many oz. of water i drink, so i recorded it! haha (this was just at work, and i ended up going 2 more times before i left)

for dinner, i whipped something up from what we had in the freezer and cabinets. (i’ve decided i’m going to use everything in the cabinets and fridge, or as much as possible, to 1. use up what we have instead of buying something when we have it at home and 2. save some money since it is the holidays and all.)

dinner consisted of:

  • 1.25 lbs of turkey meat
  • 1 can of garbanzo beans
  • 1 can of hunts lower sodium diced tomatoes
  • 1 packet of ranch seasoning
  • a handful of oats
  • half of an onion, chopped
  • leftover green beans

..very random, but i put it all in a dish and baked it for about 30 mins @ 350 degrees. it was actually pretty good! i put a little bit of reduced sugar ketchup on top!

then, i hung out with this kid..

someone misses his mom; he wont even eat 😦

tuesday morning started out like this:

he refuses to come down the stairs for me.. half the time i have to carry him. he may be short, but he’s not light!

i woke up late, again, so i ended up not going to the gym, again, this morning. i really need to get my butt out of bed in mornings, i feel better when i go to the gym and i feel like the days go by faster when i workout in the mornings.

i also celebrate four eyes friday tuesday

meal 1 @ 7:00 am (on the way to work, since i was running late): 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 4 oz of dark chocolate silk almond milk, 1 t of instant coffee, 1 scoop of EAS Whey chocolate protein powder + banana nut vitatop

.. this kept me full for SO long. i was so busy at work i wasn’t paying attention to the time, when i felt my stomach rumble i looked at the clock and it had been 4 hours since i ate!

meal 2 @ 11:05 a.m.: 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 T of sunbutter.

meal 3 @ 1:30 p.m. (because i knew i wouldn’t have time if i waited until 2): chicken salad (canned chicken, greek yogurt, celery, onion, celery seed) on 2 pieces of healthful flax and fiber bread with cucumbers on top + cucumbers with sabra roasted garlic hummus.

can i please just say that cucumbers should be on all sandwiches! they give such a good crunch factor!! i learned that i need to keep my bread separate until time of consumption because my bread got REALLY soggy 😦

GUESS WHAT.. I ENDED UP GOING TO THE GYYYYYYYYYM! weeee! i decided i need a good HIIT, which would hopefully pull me out of my funk i’m going through. my routine was really random (which i made up as i went), but i def got a good calorie burn!












































Crap, I forgot to turn on my HRM!!!!
















when i looked down to see if the arc was reading my HR correctly, i noticed i hadn’t turned on my HRM. I HATE WHEN I DO THATTTT! i looked at what the arc ‘said’ i burned and i was at 187 calories.























that is what my HRM read after the last few mins on the ARC and 10 mins on the treadmill. i don’t think it was a half bad work!! i was definitely sweating when i got out of there and you know what, i felt AMAZING!

for dinner, i’ll prob have leftovers from yesterday and dinner is already cooking for tomorrow night! i LOVE crockpots! i put some randomness in there and hope it turns out turkey noodle soup, using the last of the leftover turkey from thanksgiving.

i’m done for the night.. i just want to relax. i’m going to start up studying within the next few days for my CPA exam on jan 3rd.. blah!

check ya later!

thanksgiving weekend recap

26 Nov

okay, so the weekend may not be over, but i don’t find myself being very productive tomorrow, so why not recap the weekend tonight?

wednesday, i had a verrry productive day!  i went to work until 12, because it was a half day.. got my oil changed.. vacuumed and steamed the floors.. got my hair done.. tanned.. took a shower/got ready.. went to battle of the bands with barbara:

(empty house.  we got there reaally early!)

(waitin’ for the show to start!)

one of the guys in the band works for barbara and asked her if she would come support him.  i was all about it! i love concerts and the type of music they play (punk/alternative), so it was a no brainer for me!  their band was awesome, especially since they’re only in high school.  they remind me of a mix between all time low and cartel. i headed home to northern virginia after the show; i was superrr sleepy driving home!

thursday i ended up sleeping til about 9:30. i could have slept a lot longer because my sister and i stayed up until about 3 a.m. talking.  i will mention that i love my sister to death. she is my absolute best friend and i tell her everything and anything.  we are definitely weird when we’re together!  i cry every time i have to leave her 😦

at about 11 a.m. i was getting stir crazy, so i decided to go for a walk in the backyard with my sister and the dogs.  my parents have about 30 acres in the western part of northern va, so there is plenty of places to explore and ‘hike’.

(this hill is the best when it’s snow-covered!)

(our pond)

(our geese and ducks)

(my parents house, i fell in love the first time i saw it. the views from the back windows are BEAUTIFUL!)

(if you LOVE york peppermint patties and LOVE chocolate covered pretzels, DON’T try these! they tasted horrible!)

(yoda! my parent’s [very overweight] jack russel terrier, jack!)

every time we are home, my sister and i play just dance.  i LOVE dancing; i use to go to clubs all the time in college.  this isn’t quite like that, but it def gets me my dancing fix for a while, since i’m obviously not in the club scene anymore.  i was curious as to how many calories i burn while dancing, so i ended up wearing my HRM. turns out, i ended up burning almost 1,000 calories in just over 45 minutes!  there was sweat dripping off us! i love when a workout doesn’t actually feel like one!!

after i stuffed myself with stuffing and a sliver of turkey, i hung out for a little while longer, then got on the road back to richmond so that i could partake in some black friday festivities.  anyone who knows me, knows that shopping on a wednesday afternoon gives me anxiety, so i wasn’t sure how well i would handle the chaos known as black friday.  i got to richmond about 10 p.m. and we immediately headed to wal-mart:

i wanted to get my sister a kindle, because she loved the one that i got for my birthday.  wal-mart had a great deal on kindles so i figured i’d pick one up there.  well, the place was crazy and they ended up not having the kindle i wanted.  we quickly got out of there and headed to target down the street.  the line was pretty long when we got there, but we braved the cold weather and stood outside until 12 a.m.  i got the kindle and barbara ended up getting a reaaaaally nice nikon for her niece-in-law (is that what they’re called).  i kinda want that for myself 🙂

[barbara has a really nice DSLR, but i hate using stuff that’s not mine.  she always tells me i’m more than welcome to use it whenever i want, i’m just always afraid i’m going to break it.  plus, i’m still a newbie when it comes to taking pictures.  i would love to pick up photography as a hobby once i have time when the CPA exam is over!]

we ended up going to hhgregg (to get barbara’s mom a tablet for christmas), macy’s, target across town, and kohl’s.  shew! i was beat and stressed out by the end, but i did have fun, and saved $60!  we got into bed at about 3 a.m.

friday we had a semi-lazy day.  i say semi, because we did help put christmas decorations up with barbara’s mom, but we didn’t get out of our pj’s until 4 p.m.  we went and got mexican with barbara’s brother. mmmmm table side guac! i love that stuff!  we ended up going to target, again, to see if they had another camera because barbara’s other brother wanted one for him and his gf (who are expecting!!).  then we came home and relaxed:

today, we slept until about 11:30 a.m. (actually 5:30 when scout was whining, but went back to sleep).  it felt so good.  i’ve been sooo tired lately, so sleeping in definitely helps how i make it through the day.  i cleaned out my car, then made some french toast!

i was so proud of myself! i know its french toast and it’s easy, but this is the first time i ever made it!  i used egg whites, almond milk, and a cinnamon blend (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and citrus peels).  i think i would have rather had straight cinnamon, but i was trying out the cinnamon blend!  i also had an over easy egg.  i love me some runny yolks!!

we got ourselves cleaned up and headed to costco for dog food, garden ridge for an outdoor christmas tree, and walgreens for a few this-and-that purchases.  i’m a little upset i didn’t spend any money on small businesses today, but i didn’t spend any money at all, since i’m trying to save for the rest of my christmas gifts.  but i do shop small every chance i get, anyway, so hopefully i’m not a terrible person for not participating in today.  my dad is a small business owner (he owns his own landscaping company), so i know how the effects feel.

now i’m sitting here with this guy!:

i love him so much.  he’s got me wrapped around his big ol’ basset hound paw!  i may go clean our room.. i’m trying to get barbara to go through her clothes cause she has a ton that i have never seen her wear, but she’s not feeling it.  i’m not going to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but i know there’s plenty she could give to some organization that she would never miss! anyways, i’m done for the night!


have a great sunday, boo for work on monday!  i need some major hours, though 😦  i hope i get this salary position and get it soon!