about me.

hi! my name is betty and i’m 23 years old! i just recently graduated from VCU with a master’s in accounting.  currently i am working full-time and studying for the dreaded CPA exam.  i am also starting a new journey to my well-being: i am halfway through with the 12 week BodyForLIFE program.

i started this program because, honestly, i couldn’t go anywhere but up.  i have been yo-yo dieting since i was 12 years old.  i have always been overweight but i have also always been very active.  i was an athlete my entire life and in my junior year of undergrad, i blew out my (2nd) knee during conditioning.  at that point, i was with done sports.  i have accumulated quite a few injuries along the way, but 19 years of catching wrecked havoc on my knees. i decided i would no longer be a student athlete. and that was that.

from that decision on, my weight slowly climbed up. i would start a low-carb diet, weight watchers, or something of that sort, and lose about 20 or 30 pounds then gain it right back after about 3 months. finally, i guess you could say i let myself go.. and i remember taking a pic with my sister while we were in DisneyWorld (i was coaching an 18u girls softball team) and being completely disgusted with how i looked (sounds like every other weight loss story,  huh?).  i remember feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, like if i gained one more pound my skin would burst at the seams..

i lost a little weight and then got really serious after my 23 birthday.  i was doing zumba, body pump, body step, and body combat (probably 5/6 days a week) i was feeling great and by christmas i had lost 43 pounds. well.. the holidays were over and something hit me like a brick wall and i gained EVERY. SINGLE. POUND. BACK.  it sucked. i was depressed. it was so hard cause i wasn’t on a schedule, i was stressing out about school.. basically i made every excuse that i could for why i gained the weight back, but really it was because i chose the wrong way to lose and i couldn’t do it any longer.

fast forward a few months to august 2011.  once again, i was at the highest weight i had ever been (265 .. eeeek! i’ve never said that number to anyone).  i probably looked about as big as i did in the mickey picture above, because i remember that uncomfortable feeling coming back to me full force. 

in august i started reading a blog by one of my instagram friends, (we share a love for basset hounds) janetha. she could only say GREAT things about this program called BodyForLIFE. i was convinced that i could actually stick to this program. so, i ordered the book, read it front to back, asked janetha a ton of questions (sorry, janetha!) and started the program.

i am currently on week 7 of the program.  yes, i’ve had my ups and downs. no, i havent been perfect 100% of the time. but i am slowly learning the right decisions to make for myself and my body. instead of looking at this as a 12 week challenge which i will be able to binge after, i’m looking at it as a life-long project to be healthy and happy. so if i don’t have stellar results like she did (take a look) i’ll be okay.. i know that i am slowly changing my body for the better.

here is a picture taken of me today (27 pounds lighter)

may not look different to you, but i can tell and that is all that matters!

i am using this site for accountability and tracking (eating/workouts/progress). can’t wait to get to my goal (which is to lose a total of 100 pounds).

oh and another somethings about me is that i love all and any animals. this is my dog, scout, and i will probably mention him a lot.


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