downright no good.. terrible.. awful..

29 Mar yep. it’s been the worst day i’ve had in a very long time.  so bad that i’m still tearing up as i’m writing this post because i’m so upset.

first thing this morning, there was a glitch in operations at work (my supervisors, manager and controller, are at a conference in vegas).  something that needed to get approved, didn’t.  i’m 99% positive that was not my fault, but with my luck, lately, i’ll be the one who takes the wrath..  especially since the last thing my manager said to me was “will talk in the meeting”. wow, awesome. can’t wait for that..

if there’s one thing people should NOT do to me, is to tell me we will discuss it later.  my mind will go 100893489308 miles a minute until my manager returns to work on monday and we can talk about… whatever it is.  i haven’t eaten all day because i’m so sick to my stomach thinking about what i could have possibly done wrong in all the situations this week.

well.. then barbara and i get an e-mail from our guy at Oakwood homes.  he has upped the price $30,000 more than what we were just at..  which is $15,000 more than where we initially started.  it’s not possible to get a loan for that amount; and even if we were to get approved for that, we would be house poor, which is something i never want to happen.

it’s just so frustrating because our hearts were set on that home.  it would be a brand new house, open floor plan, AMAZING kitchen, and 2 acres of land for a great deal.  i guess this just shows that i need to stop getting my hopes up, because nothing ever goes my way when i do that.

i also feel bad because scout will no longer be attending daycare. its $200 a month that we could be saving for a down payment or the last of the furniture we need. sacrifices, right? i think the reason that this bothers me the most, is because i know how excited he is in the mornings when i get ready (because he thinks he should go to camp every morning).. i know he’s just a dog.. but he’s my kid. furry or not.

so.. that’s my life right now. i’m depressed. i guess ‘everything happens for a reason’? right? well i hate all these obstacles that get in the way..


One Response to “downright no good.. terrible.. awful..”

  1. semplicementej 03/29/2012 at 7:43 pm #

    OK, so as obvious as this may seem … you won’t be able to know anything until Monday so why waste your days away … forget it until Monday and then deal with it when Monday arrives.

    Obvious point number 2 – if it is meant to be the house will be yours … this one or another one … but it will be perfect at the perfect time …

    And lastly … I am a crazy dog lady 🙂 … so I am sorry about daycare … but you know how dogs are unconditionally happy … so he will probably be alright!

    Have a great one and be happy!!!

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