doctor’s note

1 Mar

no, i’m not calling in sick, again. i just wanted to give everyone a brief update on my health/sleepiness..

i decided back in november that i was tired of always feeling tired. i went and had a sleep study, after my thyroid came back normal, and then thought i got dropped from my parents insurance, so i didn’t go back for a follow-up.

fast forward to a week ago (no i didn’t get dropped from my parents insurance, it was just a mix up), i had another sleep study called a sleep latency test which monitored my sleep during 5 small, 20 minute naps. i had a follow-up appointment and come to find out, i do have narcolepsy. i can’t say i’m happy that i found out i have this problem, but i am happy to know i’m not going crazy. people told me “you’ll never not be, at least, a little tired” or “you sit at a desk all day, what do you expect?”. i knew what i was feeling wasn’t normal ‘sleepiness’.

from here i’ll take some samples provided by my doctor to see if those have any effect on my symptoms. i’m also interested to see how this affects my studying.. did i mention i almost fell asleep during my CPA exam yesterday andddd the one i took at the beginning of the month? yeah, not normal.

anyways.. there’s my health update. on another note: my Zrii package came in on tuesday and i started the purify cleanse today! so far i’ve only had their achieve shake for breakfast and i’m still not hungry.. that’s 5 hours since i last ate! hopefully this all works out and this will be the kick start to healthy habits.

i want to say, i’m not giving up on my bfl eating. i loooove everything about it.
i will be returning to it, once i try this new product out. hopefully, then, i will be able to eat more intuitively.. which is something i am not good at, currently.

Q: do you find you are able to eat intuitively without measuring and counting calories or does it just not click for you?


3 Responses to “doctor’s note”

  1. janetha 03/01/2012 at 1:37 pm #

    I am excited to see how Zrii works for you and if it helps! I am not following it too closely, like I have been eating two meals and replacing only one with the Achieve, but I am doing the Purify stuff!

    • betty 03/01/2012 at 1:53 pm #

      Is it weird im loving it already? I’m really skeptical about placebo effects.. If my brain is just tricking me into thinking I feel better already but I do. I need to remind myself I don’t actually want food.. I just want to chew on something

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  2. ironsayya 03/01/2012 at 2:47 pm #

    Something we are different on! I have really bad insomnia. Fortunately, it seems to come and go and so far during training it hasn’t been bad, but I have gone 4 days without sleep before. Not functioning, can’t think, can’t talk, can’t eat, can’t sleep. It sucks. To bad we can’t give each other half our problems to make a normal sleep pattern.That sucks you have to deal with BS, but at least you know what is going on and hopefully will find a way to overcome it.

    I’ve never done this Zrii cleanse, just heard of it from Janethas page. I did Dr. Naturals cleanse a few years ago and loved it. Granted, as soon as I stopped I put all the weight (plus some back on) but I felt really good when doing it. I hope yours ends up being the boost you need!

    I count calories on everything (I have to) but I have trained myself to get really good at eyeballing measurements. I think with some practice and regularity, everyone can.

    How did that test go lady?!

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