9 Feb

..or lack thereof.

since my post saturday morning, nothing has change. my eating habits havent gotten worse, but they aren’t better. too many carbs and not enough cardio. i’ve been terrible at taking pictures of my food and have slept through my workout alarm clock every day this morning. i feel disgusting. i don’t know what’s keeping me like this.. why can’t i snap out of it?

i had my CPA exam on monday.. it went terrible, to say the least.. i’ve now gotten the scores back from my other two and failed..both, so i have to retake them.

barbara and i, along with some college friends, are going up to snowshoe mountain, wv to ski and snowboard for the weekend and while i’m there, i really want to think about everything i’m doing and how its effecting my life. i might as well change the name of my blog, because there has been barely any studying OR sweating going on around here, recently, and it’s only stressing me out more.

i need to make a list.. of goals, deadlines, and everything that’s going on that needs to be finished and taken seriously:

  • i WANT to be in a 2 piece by summer.. and that’s not happening eating too many carbs and not enough insanity.
  • i WANT to have my CPA by the end of the year.. but that’s not happening coming home and doing everything BUT studying. (it’s bad, seriously. i’ll come home and clean the whole house or re-organize my bedroom.. anything to put off studying.)
  • i WANT to open up a savings account and put a substantial amount of my paycheck in it every 2 weeks.. but that’s not happening being scattered about my shopping and not meal planning correctly. i’m spending WAY too much money on food.. my MINT app told me so.. so bad that i don’t even want to share the number with you, because i’m embarrassed. i need to look up ways to budget while maintaining clean eating habits.

..all these wants are completely attainable.. the only one holding me back, is me.

i need to realize that these sacrifices i’m about to make will change my life for the better and will be sooo worth it in the end. i just need to stop making excuses and DO IT.

sorry for two of these posts in a row.. but i need to be honest with myself. i need to get on track and stay on track this time.. no more bs’ing .. no more excuses.

i do, however, want to share this AMAZING dish that i found off of peas & crayons .. this dish was sooooo good and soooo simple. i mixed the imitation crab with just the ‘cock’ sauce because i was afraid that mixing it with greek yogurt wouldn’t taste the same as mayo. no.. my picture isn’t as appealing as her’s, but it still tasted great!


i’m gonna go ahead and say i probably wont be back anytime soon this weekend since we will be packing/getting ready tonight and leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. i’ll take lots of pictures and post later!

hope you guys have a great weekend!

Question: has anyone else ever had this problem? you want something so bad, but you can’t convince your brain to stop the bad habits and start the new? hopefully i’m not alone here.. but maybe i am?


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