two thursday things

2 Feb

hey guys! i’m on a roll, eh? i just wanted to drop in a mention a few thing’s i’m obessed with really into right now.

1. pinterest, as always.. i’ve found quite a few new ways to wear my hair to work that take just about zero time.  i’m all about quick hair-do’s because when i decide to blow dry and straighten it/curling wand its a good 30 mins – 1 hr project.  i have TONS of thickkkk hair.

i just wanted to list a few things i’ve tried and truly like (i know people joke about pinterest because women pin all these things they will never do).  i try my hardest to keep it narrowed down to project, hairstyles, and recipes that i will actually make.

  • this cookie cheesecake. SO EASY! my work loved it!
  • these are in my near future. i love all things lemon and i’ve been craving lemon bars like a crazy person!
  • quite a few of the hair-do’s on this page.  i love the wrap around braid! i also love the waterfall (which i saw before pinterest), but they have different ways of styling them, so it’s not always the same look!
  • this baking soda and oj mask! oh. my. gah. better than any deep cleansing mask i have ever used, you guys! you mix 1 T of each together and scrub onto your face.. let it sit for 20 mins and then scrub off. my face felt amazing afterwards.  i have very oily skin and this kept it away all night (usually when i was my face, as soon as i dry it off, i can feel the oil coming back).
  • i’m also trying this water next week. i’ve never been a ‘water’ person. i can drink diet drink one after the other, but water.. ehh. since i’ve been trying to eat better and exercise more, i know my body needs the hydration that water offers.  i try to get a gallon in a day.. but that doesn’t always happen. i wanna try this method just to change it up a bit!

2. pet daycare. i am in love. seriously.  this dog slept from the time he got home, to the time i woke up and realized it was time for me to LEAVE (yep, i usually leave my house at 7:30.. it was 7:28..ugh)

that may be it for now.. i had a lot more things i was currently obsessed with interested in, but my brain is everywhere but here these days and i can’t remember a damn thing.  i guess i’m going to have to start writing stuff down when it pops into my brain or it will be lost for eternity.

i’m going to go because i had a really rough night/morning at work because of personal matters.. not getting into, just going to leave it at that. i’m mentally drained, to say the least.

happy thursday, everyone! it’s almost friday, which means it’s almost the weekend..  🙂

..which means i sit for a CPA exam, that i have yet to study for, on monday! 😦


One Response to “two thursday things”

  1. Miz 02/03/2012 at 6:08 am #

    ahh see?
    and Ive mocked pinterest.

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