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no new year’s resolutions.

25 Jan

back again! i know, so soon, right?!  since it’s the new year and everyone at this point is either sticking to their resolutions or slowly starting to fall off the wagon, i wanted to discuss what i planned at the beginning of the year:

i, myself, didn’t make actual resolutions.  i always make them, never follow through, and then beat myself up for failing.  i didn’t want that to happen this year. this year i decided that i was going to set goals for myself.. attainable goals. not goals like lose 90 lbs (which was my goal when i started bfl last summer).  my only real goal is to stay healthy and be comfortable in my own skin, if 90 lbs come off in that process, so be it.

like i’ve said before, i don’t want to be a size 2, and i may never be a size 8, but I know that i DO want to feel comfortable, whatever the jean size says, instead of a larger number dictating my own perception of myself.  i don’t want washboard abs, i just want a flat stomach, no jiggle when i wave, and maybe a gap in between my legs.

i hate that between society making plus sizes smaller and smaller and my dad critiquing everything about me, i never feel good about myself.  i want to break away from all of that and love me for me, from now on; who cares what ANYONE says, except me; i know i shouldn’t.  if i mess up on a non-free day, oh well; i will learn from that mistake and do better.  i won’t give up and binge for the next week, like i’m so good at doing.

this post may not make sense and may be all over the place, but this is what’s been running through my head since jan 1st hit.  No, i haven’t completed all the insanity workouts that i should have by now, but guess what? i’m doubling up on my workouts so i don’t fall past the end date i set  out with.  i don’t have a set number of pounds i want to lose by summer, because who knows how much fat i will lose and how much muscle i will gain?

i have already kicked my terrible habit of stepping on the scale morning and night.  i love it! as long as i know i am eating the right choices, i will get to my goal! if it takes me all year, that’s okay with me.  i just DON’T want to fall off like i always do; in the past when i fall of the wagon, i end up giving myself the biggest guilt trip ever which leads to binging. no more of that!

i think this is enough for today. if i bored or rambled you to death, i’m not sorry.. this post was more for me than anyone else.  to reassure myself that i CAN and WILL do this.  i want to live a long healthy life and i don’t want to be critical of my figure anymore.  THAT is my goal this year. no new year’s resolutions.


long time no blog.

24 Jan

shew, it has been a long time since i’ve been on here. between the holidays, work (I GOT THE FULL TIME POSITION!!!! i’m now General Ledger Accountant!!! 🙂 ), studying (or lack there of), working out, and just life in general.. this def took the wayyyyy back burner.

i just wanted to give you a quick re-cap, since i don’t feel like rambling!

sleepiness: i finally got to talk to my doctor today.. i had my sleep study done and the final result of that is a diagnosis of narcolepsy. i know that sounds crazy, but i’m sure most people think of the extreme of ‘i fall asleep all the time with no warning’. other symptoms are extreme fatigue during the day.. blah, blah, blah. next step is to log my sleep for 2 weeks, then take a day sleep study, where i will take short naps throughout the day.. and go from there.

workouts: i’ve been doing insanity with barbara in the morning. we don’t always get up and out of bed, but to make up for it, we are going to do two-a-days for the next week. we also go ASYLUM to integrate into our workouts after the 6o days is up! i cant wait!

eating: i’ve also been trying as hard as i can to eat clean. i’m still learning and i will continue to learn, but i’m excited that i’m starting to make recipes and meals up with my own ideas! i made a great spaghetti squash the other night.. and then last week, i made a great seasoned chicken with some roasted asparagus and tomatoes. i also boiled a potato and mashed it with just some roasted garlic.

roasted veggies:

final product:

i have to share the love of my new fav protein shake, which i usually like to have for dessert..

as you can see, i use a scoop of mrm vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, some ice, half a frozen banana, and 1 T of dark choc dreams pb. TO. DIE. FOR!

here’s what my lunches have looked like at work:

they are frozen veggies with frank’s hot sauce and a whole wheat english muffin with 1 egg white, 2 pieces of low sodium turkey, and some laughing cow light.

i’ve also been doing really well at getting a gallon of water in a day!

when i have protein oats at work, i usually just take a container and try to get about what a scoop looks like in there.. i thought of this great idea awhile ago, and finally found what i needed:

formula dispenser to get the perfect amount of protein!

i also made my first recipea! i de-veganized it by adding some extra lean turkey for protein factor!

that’s that on the food front! don’t want to bore you too much!

i do want to mention that i want to make this soup and this pizza (all her pizzas are THE BEST). i also wanted to mention i entered the giveaway over here to try to win some chobani, since i have yet to find the apple cinnamon!

i’ve also been hanging out with this guy:

who is almost one year old! can’t wait to celebrate!

we like to do curls with his new harness.. he doesn’t mind!

last, but not least, we celebrated barbara’s birthday on sunday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!! we celebrated very low-key with the family at home (see, no makeup!):

drinks to celebrate:

shew! hopefully i didn’t bore you to death!!! i’m going to try and be more consistent with this stuff! it’s nice to share stuff!

i’m also obsessed with pinterest.. if you follow me, you’d def see that i’m on there all day.. as well as intagram! if you have either, make sure you follow me! i love to see other people’s photos and interests!

here’s an idea i got from pinterest.. you can’t tell that my hair is braided around into the pony, but it looked pretty cool! first time i’ve ever rocked the side pony outta the house:

hope you all have a great night! xox