thanksgiving weekend recap

26 Nov

okay, so the weekend may not be over, but i don’t find myself being very productive tomorrow, so why not recap the weekend tonight?

wednesday, i had a verrry productive day!  i went to work until 12, because it was a half day.. got my oil changed.. vacuumed and steamed the floors.. got my hair done.. tanned.. took a shower/got ready.. went to battle of the bands with barbara:

(empty house.  we got there reaally early!)

(waitin’ for the show to start!)

one of the guys in the band works for barbara and asked her if she would come support him.  i was all about it! i love concerts and the type of music they play (punk/alternative), so it was a no brainer for me!  their band was awesome, especially since they’re only in high school.  they remind me of a mix between all time low and cartel. i headed home to northern virginia after the show; i was superrr sleepy driving home!

thursday i ended up sleeping til about 9:30. i could have slept a lot longer because my sister and i stayed up until about 3 a.m. talking.  i will mention that i love my sister to death. she is my absolute best friend and i tell her everything and anything.  we are definitely weird when we’re together!  i cry every time i have to leave her 😦

at about 11 a.m. i was getting stir crazy, so i decided to go for a walk in the backyard with my sister and the dogs.  my parents have about 30 acres in the western part of northern va, so there is plenty of places to explore and ‘hike’.

(this hill is the best when it’s snow-covered!)

(our pond)

(our geese and ducks)

(my parents house, i fell in love the first time i saw it. the views from the back windows are BEAUTIFUL!)

(if you LOVE york peppermint patties and LOVE chocolate covered pretzels, DON’T try these! they tasted horrible!)

(yoda! my parent’s [very overweight] jack russel terrier, jack!)

every time we are home, my sister and i play just dance.  i LOVE dancing; i use to go to clubs all the time in college.  this isn’t quite like that, but it def gets me my dancing fix for a while, since i’m obviously not in the club scene anymore.  i was curious as to how many calories i burn while dancing, so i ended up wearing my HRM. turns out, i ended up burning almost 1,000 calories in just over 45 minutes!  there was sweat dripping off us! i love when a workout doesn’t actually feel like one!!

after i stuffed myself with stuffing and a sliver of turkey, i hung out for a little while longer, then got on the road back to richmond so that i could partake in some black friday festivities.  anyone who knows me, knows that shopping on a wednesday afternoon gives me anxiety, so i wasn’t sure how well i would handle the chaos known as black friday.  i got to richmond about 10 p.m. and we immediately headed to wal-mart:

i wanted to get my sister a kindle, because she loved the one that i got for my birthday.  wal-mart had a great deal on kindles so i figured i’d pick one up there.  well, the place was crazy and they ended up not having the kindle i wanted.  we quickly got out of there and headed to target down the street.  the line was pretty long when we got there, but we braved the cold weather and stood outside until 12 a.m.  i got the kindle and barbara ended up getting a reaaaaally nice nikon for her niece-in-law (is that what they’re called).  i kinda want that for myself 🙂

[barbara has a really nice DSLR, but i hate using stuff that’s not mine.  she always tells me i’m more than welcome to use it whenever i want, i’m just always afraid i’m going to break it.  plus, i’m still a newbie when it comes to taking pictures.  i would love to pick up photography as a hobby once i have time when the CPA exam is over!]

we ended up going to hhgregg (to get barbara’s mom a tablet for christmas), macy’s, target across town, and kohl’s.  shew! i was beat and stressed out by the end, but i did have fun, and saved $60!  we got into bed at about 3 a.m.

friday we had a semi-lazy day.  i say semi, because we did help put christmas decorations up with barbara’s mom, but we didn’t get out of our pj’s until 4 p.m.  we went and got mexican with barbara’s brother. mmmmm table side guac! i love that stuff!  we ended up going to target, again, to see if they had another camera because barbara’s other brother wanted one for him and his gf (who are expecting!!).  then we came home and relaxed:

today, we slept until about 11:30 a.m. (actually 5:30 when scout was whining, but went back to sleep).  it felt so good.  i’ve been sooo tired lately, so sleeping in definitely helps how i make it through the day.  i cleaned out my car, then made some french toast!

i was so proud of myself! i know its french toast and it’s easy, but this is the first time i ever made it!  i used egg whites, almond milk, and a cinnamon blend (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and citrus peels).  i think i would have rather had straight cinnamon, but i was trying out the cinnamon blend!  i also had an over easy egg.  i love me some runny yolks!!

we got ourselves cleaned up and headed to costco for dog food, garden ridge for an outdoor christmas tree, and walgreens for a few this-and-that purchases.  i’m a little upset i didn’t spend any money on small businesses today, but i didn’t spend any money at all, since i’m trying to save for the rest of my christmas gifts.  but i do shop small every chance i get, anyway, so hopefully i’m not a terrible person for not participating in today.  my dad is a small business owner (he owns his own landscaping company), so i know how the effects feel.

now i’m sitting here with this guy!:

i love him so much.  he’s got me wrapped around his big ol’ basset hound paw!  i may go clean our room.. i’m trying to get barbara to go through her clothes cause she has a ton that i have never seen her wear, but she’s not feeling it.  i’m not going to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but i know there’s plenty she could give to some organization that she would never miss! anyways, i’m done for the night!


have a great sunday, boo for work on monday!  i need some major hours, though 😦  i hope i get this salary position and get it soon!



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