way back when, wednesday.

22 Nov

well.. i sat for the first section of the CPA exam this afternoon. i didn’t feel confident walking out of the testing center, but i’m going to wait until i actually see the results. i’m really hard on myself and i’m not going to beat myself up for something that i cannot change at this point. i know i could have studied harder/better/longer, but now i know what to expect and what to do for the next section (which is audit at the beginning of january).

because it’s been a pretty mentally draining day, i’m going to keep this post light of words and heavy on the pictures. i ended up not getting on the friday after my birthday, when i was going to post a flashback of the pictures i have from birthdays (i lost a majority of my pictures when my computer crashed my junior year in college, very sad day). scout also celebrated his 9 month birthday, on friday!

happy 9 months scout!

birthday celebrations over the years:





thanksgiving weekend celebrating 20



(my first legal drink)

(all i wanted for my 21 birthday was techno music and blacklights)

(by 12 i couldn’t stand, not my proudest moment)

i haven’t taken any photos of my birthdays since. 😦 i don’t know why. since my 21st it’s just been me and barbara out to dinner. i think i need to start taking more pictures.

now i get to spend the rest of the night with this crazy monster:

goodnight! if i’m not back before then, happy thanksgiving!



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