happy birthday, to me!

17 Nov

okay, usually i don’t draw attention to my birthdays; I like to keep it low key. I’m sitting at work bouncing off the walls/getting twitches from all of the sugar I have consumed between last night and today.

Last night Barbara’s mom made me that simple soup I LOVED last week since she wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. After that it was gifts, then cake. A red velvet “lava” cake.. Made in the pot by pampered chef where you bake the cake and pour in the icing so it melts around the cake.

Today my boss got me 48 cupcakes.. Ummmm, yeaahhh. Do I look like I need 48 cupcakes? I’ve eaten 3.. Even though I physically feel bad.. I don’t feel bad for eating them. I’m not going to restrict myself all the time and I will definitely enjoy myself on my birthday. Let’s just call this my BFL free week. Hey, you only love once. Bill Phillips will be there next week! Then I want to hit the gym hard for Christmas.

I wont go into today but I like to prove my dad wrong when it comes to my weight.. He likes to set me up for failure.. oh well.

I’m posting at work.. Boring post, sorry!

Maybe I’ll flashback to some of my more drunken birthdays tomorrow.. They sure were a sight to see (if I could have remembered them)


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