14 Nov

so, i haven’t been on since friday.. basically i suck at keeping this thing up. saturday i went to va beach and had a great time with some friends.  mended some broken friendships and just had a chance to be myself.

good friends.

i love going to va beach and eating seafood. i’m only 2 hours from the beach, but the seafood is definitely lacking compared to va beach.  that day was our free day, but we ended up eating really well. just not as many meals.

meal 1: protein smoothie (2/3 C almond milk, handful of blueberries, 1/2 banana, about 2 C of spinach) (<– this amazing shake came from this girl. it’s so nice having someone else who is doing/has done the same  thing you’re doing.  i tend to get bored with my meals easily and with jenetha’s blog and meal menu, i always have some great options for when my recipes get boring!)

meal 2: grilled crab cake sandwich (didn’t eat the bun) with sweet potato fries. ok, ok.. maybe sweet potato fries at a restaurant weren’t the best option, but maybe better than reg potatoes? (i’ll just keep telling myself that)

meal 3: hibatchi fillet and shrimp (me and barbara split an order, neither of us ended up eating the rice. just the proteins and veggies)

after that we had a few beers, which is the first time i drank since i started bfl.  as much as i did enjoy myself that night, i think i could have had the same amount of fun without alcohol. plus, i hate the feeling of waking up and feeling like shit the next morning.  i don’t know if this is me quitting drinking altogether, but it’s def been on my mind.

sunday.. i felt like crappppppp. too much alcohol, not enough water ( i try to drink at least half my weight in water each day.  during my work hours, i do great, but outside of work it another story).

i ended up going to wendy’s and getting chicken nuggets and a frosty ( my stomach was torn up from the alcohol) but guess what, i only felt worse. so i barely ate anything else the rest of the day.  i had some taco soup from barbara’s mom’s pampered chef party, but that’s about it.

a few pictures of me and rylee

last night i was up all night with terrible, terrible cramps. make you cry cramps. make you sleep in the bathroom cramps. TERRIBLE CRAMPS. needless to say i didn’t sleep much last night.  i didn’t get to the gym this morning and i barely made it to work on time.  work was short because i finally had my appointment with my specialist to see exactly why i’m feeling so slugglish all the time.  not only am i slugglish, but my memory has def changed for the worst, i forget what i’m about to say allllll the time. it’s terrible, i was never like this before and this year it’s gotten bad.  i’ve also noticed a change in my skin, it REALLY dry. so i got blood work taken and she also ultra-sounded my neck (which looked darker than it should).  if the blood comes back normal, we may do a sleep study because she noticed that my neck muscles are very large (she told me i have a big neck) which can cause sleep apnea.  i guess we will see. i just want answers.  i can’t keep going like this, i’m miserable.. all. the. time.

meal 1: mocha protein smoothie (2/3 C almond milk, 1/2 C coffee, 1 scoop of EAS Chocolate Whey protein powder, ice) with a Banana Nut Vitatop

meal 2: whole wheat pita with laughing cow light, low sodium turkey, and spinach

meal 3: half a serving of whole wheat penne with turkey meat sauce

.. this is all i’ve eaten today. didn’t have much of an appetite. i tried to eat, but i’m also not going to force feed myself.


that’s all for the day. sorry for the bad post. i’m gonna go curl up with my puppy, because puppies make everything better.



One Response to “answers.”

  1. janetha 11/15/2011 at 11:58 am #

    You eat super clean even on free day! I got like that near the end.. like, still healthier stuff but just more of it and added in treats like ice cream and multiple bowls of cereal. I learned I couldn’t do fast food anymore because it just made me sick. Funny how our bodies know what’s up even if we think we want to eat something like that–ESPECIALLY when hung over! Sorry about the booze induced sickness. I drink less and less for that same reason. HOpe you are feeling better today! Cute photos with the friends and Rylee!

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