11.11.11. (and a mini flashbackfriday)

11 Nov

happy 11.11.11! 11 is actually my second fav number, behind 17!

i’m going to make this post quick today. i’m dedicating at least a good 5 or 6 hours of studying, because i need to shit together, like yesterday. ugh. i blame my dad for my major procrastination habits.

today i woke up to scout peeing in my bed.. greatttt wake up call. thanks, scout! as i got up, i noticed there was poop on the floor. ugh! my dog has completely forgotten everything there is to know about potty training. whyyyyy are bassets so stubborn!? he was doing so well up until this past week, where he has been TERRIBLE. damn you, scout. i think i’m going to try to crate him at night for a week or two and see if he re-learns anything (even though, he’s one of the few dogs i’ve met that doesn’t mind ‘soiling‘ his cage). let’s hope for the best. i really hate crating him at night, i feel like a bad mother, but i’m not going to ruin a mattress and wash sheets every day because he forgot what he’s been taught. plus he like’s to shred anything that he can find.. puppy pads, paper towels, toilet paper.. all things that are cheap, right? (<–sarcasm)

don’t let the sad eyes fool you, he’s a terrorist.

anyways, i’ve already cleaned the house this morning. i may have not been diagnosed with it, but i may have a slight case of OCD. no, my house doesn’t have to be spic-and-span (what does that even mean?) 24/7 (that would be impossible with 3 dogs, anyway) but i cannot sit in peace knowing that the floors need to be steamed or that there’s dog hair collecting in the kitchen corners. so i vacuumed the whole house, steamed the floors, and finished a few loads of laundry while eating breakfast.

meal 1: mocha protein shake (1 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk, .5 cup of water, 1 t of instant coffee, 1 scoop of EAS Chocolate Whey Protein powder) and a handful of Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins (which i’m pretty sure are better than cap’t crunch could ever dream of being).

.. that was awhile ago, since i showered and stuff, so i’m prob gonna grab a whole wheat pita here soon and fill it with some laughing cow light, low-sodium hillshire farm turkey, and tons of spinach! yum!

and now i will leave to eat and study. it’s very peaceful today, the dogs are in their crates because it’s hard to concentrate when i’m trying to keep an eye on them (mainly when scout decides to tackle yogi and start a 3-ring-circus in the middle of the living room)

tomorrow i go to va beach with barbara for a day trip just to get away! so excited! my heart’s in va beach.. i love that place (i lived there for 4 years during college and awhile afterward), esp when it’s not tourist season.

check ya later!


ps. here’s a few pics of scout when he was a puppy. (when he was a good dog and slept all the time!)

deciding which baby to pick!

(scout is on the right, and was $50 more, but i fell in love)

baby nug.

so sweet.

6 weeks v. 6 months.

i really do love him, sometimes he’s a pain though



2 Responses to “11.11.11. (and a mini flashbackfriday)”

  1. janetha 11/11/2011 at 2:29 pm #

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why was he $50 more than his sibling? you should have got both 🙂 marshall lost ALL photos of randy as a puppy 😦

    • Betty 11/11/2011 at 3:39 pm #

      He was priced by the woman who owned the female, so for some reason she had priced him for $50 higher, but I had already fallen in love with scout. I almost died when I saw the whole litter! I should have posted that pic, too! I make sure I take plenty of pictures 😉 but that’s sad, I would love to see more pics of randy than the few you’ve already posted!

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