here goes nothing..

4 Nov

well.. here goes nothing! i’m completely new to blogging, but i’ve been wanting to try it out for the longest time. i wanted to start this blog now, because at this point in my life, it seems appropriate.

i just recently finished grad school and received my master’s in accountancy. most people hear that and groan at the thought of all that schooling, but up until now, the journey hasn’t been but so difficult, it’s the next part that terrifies me: sitting for my CPA exam.. ugh. the dreaded CPA exam, with a passing rate of about 40%.. which means 4 out of 10 people that exam pass.. which leaves 6 of us pulling out our hair, crying, screaming, and feeling just plain defeated after all of the work we put in between schooling and studying.

this is also a new time in my life because i now finally entering ‘the real world’. before now, i’ve been in school.. 3.5 years of undergrad and a year of grad school. i now have to get a real job and start taking care of myself, since my wonderful dad has been doing that up until now (and will probably help out for a little longer because he is an amazing man, but that’s another story.)

last, in this new chapter of my life, i have decided to transform myself, inside and out. you see, my whole life (and by whole, i mean WHOLE life) i have struggled with my weight. i was never the small girl, in fact i still remember being called fat in kindergarten. the thing was, i was more active than most kids half my size: i played basketball up until my junior year of high school and played softball year round until my second knee injury my junior year in college. sprints during basketball practice, psh.. i had it, i’d cross the line with the fastest girl on the team, and everyone would be amazed cause i was 3x the size of her. i would lose some weight, then gain it back + some more (because isn’t that how it goes)? i’d lose some weight again, then gain it back. most recently, november 18 (the day after my 23 birthday) of last year to be exact, i started another weight loss journey, i lost 47 pounds. in august when i weighed myself.. i was at the highest weight i had ever been in my life.

so here’s my journey. no more ups and downs, because even though the ups felt really good, the bottom that i hit felt terrible. i lived in yoga pants just about every day.. and its not because i do yoga.. it’s because that was ALL THAT FIT.

i ordered Body For Life on amazon in the middle of august because of a recommendation from a ‘friend’ janetha ( i call her a ‘friend’, because even though i have never met her, her blog [meals and moves] and pictures on instagram (where we share a bond as basset hound owners) have inspired me to finally get a real hold on my life; so thanks, janetha, for everything).

so far, i have lost 27 pounds and i feel 98938298928 x better than i ever have in my life. i don’t know why i ever thought clean eating was such a terrible thing.. like i would be deprived or something. i eat great meals and get great burns after eat workout!

anyways.. the point of this blog probably wont be to post every night, but just to make sure i keep on track with my eating and workouts. if i have a confession, i wont be afraid to write it down here. i know no ones perfect, but i’m in this for the long-run, so if i slip up a little, i know there is always tomorrow to do better.



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