bottomless pit..

4 Nov

..which is exactly what my stomach is today. i’m at work, so idk how long this post will be, but we’ll see what i can come up with

so, my stomach .. i don’t get it, because some days i can eat something and it will keep me full for hours. the next day, i can eat the SAME EXACT THING and i will be starving in an hour. well, needless to say: today is the day that i’m starving. it’s a good thing i only pack one days worth of food with me, or i’d be in big trouble today!

so far i’ve had:

meal 1: mocha protein shake (1 C almond milk, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, .5 C of coffee, and a handful of ice) and a handful of barbara’s peanut butter puffins

meal 2: .5 C nonfat greek yogurt mixed with .5 C of natural, no sugar added applesauce and some cinnamon on top

meal 3: 2 arnold sandwich thins (1 extra because i was STARVING at this point) and 6 slices of reduced sodium turkey meat. one with laughing cow light and one with annie’s honey mustard and a bunch of baby carrots

…it’s 3:45 right now and i’m about to make some protein oats with a tablespoon of pb. usually that fills me up pretty good, so lets hope that does the trick! i’ve also drank well over a gallon to try to curb my hunger, but that def isn’t working.

oh well, i think that’s all i’m going to post for now.. got some work to do. happy friday!!

..well, good thing i copy and pasted right before i hit publish, because the security on our internet wouldn’t let this publish! ugh, i guess i’ll never be able to post anything at work. which is stupid! what happens when i have zerrro work to do? i guess i’ll just stick to reading blogs during work!

in case you were wondering, meal 4 (1/3 rolled oats, 3/4 scoop whey protein, 1 T of natural pb) did the trick šŸ™‚

i didn’t get off work until 5:30 even though i’m suppose to get off at 4.. blah, i hate overtime on fridays.

i’ll prob go out somewhere for dinner to grab a salad, today i DO NOT feel like cooking, usually i don’t mind, but the thought today makes me want to pull my hair out. oh well.. until next time!


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