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sleepy tuesday.

29 Nov

this morning i woke up soooo tired. when will i go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed?? even though it’s been a pretty sleepy tuesday, i ended up getting a lot done.

i left of talking about thanksgiving weekend. i ended up going out saturday night with barbara and brittany.. ended up spending over $50.. ugh, one of the main reasons i hate going to bars. i would rather spend my money on a nice dinner than a few drinks.

barbara & i

brittany & i

sunday was a pretty lazy day.. barbara was sick from drinking and i slept until 12:30 p.m. and loved every second of it. sometimes you just need to SLEEP, or that’s what i believe!

we put up some of the last of the decorations:

we ended up having a going away dinner for barbara; she will be in florida until the 11th, lucky brat! she requested spaghetti, but there was also steaks, homemade mashed potatoes, mac’n’cheese, and salad.

barbara didn’t start packing until 10:30 p.m. and we didn’t go to sleep until about 1:00 a.m. 😦 we were up by 3:30 a.m. so we could get to the airport on time. between salt from the long weekend and being up early, i looked pretty bad monday morning at work.

but i was excited cause i wore my new sweater (it’s red and i NEVER wear red, but i felt festive)

chugging started as soon as i got to work. i planned on getting well of a gallon of water in monday.

i was curious to see how many times i actually go to the bathroom based on how many oz. of water i drink, so i recorded it! haha (this was just at work, and i ended up going 2 more times before i left)

for dinner, i whipped something up from what we had in the freezer and cabinets. (i’ve decided i’m going to use everything in the cabinets and fridge, or as much as possible, to 1. use up what we have instead of buying something when we have it at home and 2. save some money since it is the holidays and all.)

dinner consisted of:

  • 1.25 lbs of turkey meat
  • 1 can of garbanzo beans
  • 1 can of hunts lower sodium diced tomatoes
  • 1 packet of ranch seasoning
  • a handful of oats
  • half of an onion, chopped
  • leftover green beans

..very random, but i put it all in a dish and baked it for about 30 mins @ 350 degrees. it was actually pretty good! i put a little bit of reduced sugar ketchup on top!

then, i hung out with this kid..

someone misses his mom; he wont even eat 😦

tuesday morning started out like this:

he refuses to come down the stairs for me.. half the time i have to carry him. he may be short, but he’s not light!

i woke up late, again, so i ended up not going to the gym, again, this morning. i really need to get my butt out of bed in mornings, i feel better when i go to the gym and i feel like the days go by faster when i workout in the mornings.

i also celebrate four eyes friday tuesday

meal 1 @ 7:00 am (on the way to work, since i was running late): 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 4 oz of dark chocolate silk almond milk, 1 t of instant coffee, 1 scoop of EAS Whey chocolate protein powder + banana nut vitatop

.. this kept me full for SO long. i was so busy at work i wasn’t paying attention to the time, when i felt my stomach rumble i looked at the clock and it had been 4 hours since i ate!

meal 2 @ 11:05 a.m.: 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 T of sunbutter.

meal 3 @ 1:30 p.m. (because i knew i wouldn’t have time if i waited until 2): chicken salad (canned chicken, greek yogurt, celery, onion, celery seed) on 2 pieces of healthful flax and fiber bread with cucumbers on top + cucumbers with sabra roasted garlic hummus.

can i please just say that cucumbers should be on all sandwiches! they give such a good crunch factor!! i learned that i need to keep my bread separate until time of consumption because my bread got REALLY soggy 😦

GUESS WHAT.. I ENDED UP GOING TO THE GYYYYYYYYYM! weeee! i decided i need a good HIIT, which would hopefully pull me out of my funk i’m going through. my routine was really random (which i made up as i went), but i def got a good calorie burn!












































Crap, I forgot to turn on my HRM!!!!
















when i looked down to see if the arc was reading my HR correctly, i noticed i hadn’t turned on my HRM. I HATE WHEN I DO THATTTT! i looked at what the arc ‘said’ i burned and i was at 187 calories.























that is what my HRM read after the last few mins on the ARC and 10 mins on the treadmill. i don’t think it was a half bad work!! i was definitely sweating when i got out of there and you know what, i felt AMAZING!

for dinner, i’ll prob have leftovers from yesterday and dinner is already cooking for tomorrow night! i LOVE crockpots! i put some randomness in there and hope it turns out turkey noodle soup, using the last of the leftover turkey from thanksgiving.

i’m done for the night.. i just want to relax. i’m going to start up studying within the next few days for my CPA exam on jan 3rd.. blah!

check ya later!


thanksgiving weekend recap

26 Nov

okay, so the weekend may not be over, but i don’t find myself being very productive tomorrow, so why not recap the weekend tonight?

wednesday, i had a verrry productive day!  i went to work until 12, because it was a half day.. got my oil changed.. vacuumed and steamed the floors.. got my hair done.. tanned.. took a shower/got ready.. went to battle of the bands with barbara:

(empty house.  we got there reaally early!)

(waitin’ for the show to start!)

one of the guys in the band works for barbara and asked her if she would come support him.  i was all about it! i love concerts and the type of music they play (punk/alternative), so it was a no brainer for me!  their band was awesome, especially since they’re only in high school.  they remind me of a mix between all time low and cartel. i headed home to northern virginia after the show; i was superrr sleepy driving home!

thursday i ended up sleeping til about 9:30. i could have slept a lot longer because my sister and i stayed up until about 3 a.m. talking.  i will mention that i love my sister to death. she is my absolute best friend and i tell her everything and anything.  we are definitely weird when we’re together!  i cry every time i have to leave her 😦

at about 11 a.m. i was getting stir crazy, so i decided to go for a walk in the backyard with my sister and the dogs.  my parents have about 30 acres in the western part of northern va, so there is plenty of places to explore and ‘hike’.

(this hill is the best when it’s snow-covered!)

(our pond)

(our geese and ducks)

(my parents house, i fell in love the first time i saw it. the views from the back windows are BEAUTIFUL!)

(if you LOVE york peppermint patties and LOVE chocolate covered pretzels, DON’T try these! they tasted horrible!)

(yoda! my parent’s [very overweight] jack russel terrier, jack!)

every time we are home, my sister and i play just dance.  i LOVE dancing; i use to go to clubs all the time in college.  this isn’t quite like that, but it def gets me my dancing fix for a while, since i’m obviously not in the club scene anymore.  i was curious as to how many calories i burn while dancing, so i ended up wearing my HRM. turns out, i ended up burning almost 1,000 calories in just over 45 minutes!  there was sweat dripping off us! i love when a workout doesn’t actually feel like one!!

after i stuffed myself with stuffing and a sliver of turkey, i hung out for a little while longer, then got on the road back to richmond so that i could partake in some black friday festivities.  anyone who knows me, knows that shopping on a wednesday afternoon gives me anxiety, so i wasn’t sure how well i would handle the chaos known as black friday.  i got to richmond about 10 p.m. and we immediately headed to wal-mart:

i wanted to get my sister a kindle, because she loved the one that i got for my birthday.  wal-mart had a great deal on kindles so i figured i’d pick one up there.  well, the place was crazy and they ended up not having the kindle i wanted.  we quickly got out of there and headed to target down the street.  the line was pretty long when we got there, but we braved the cold weather and stood outside until 12 a.m.  i got the kindle and barbara ended up getting a reaaaaally nice nikon for her niece-in-law (is that what they’re called).  i kinda want that for myself 🙂

[barbara has a really nice DSLR, but i hate using stuff that’s not mine.  she always tells me i’m more than welcome to use it whenever i want, i’m just always afraid i’m going to break it.  plus, i’m still a newbie when it comes to taking pictures.  i would love to pick up photography as a hobby once i have time when the CPA exam is over!]

we ended up going to hhgregg (to get barbara’s mom a tablet for christmas), macy’s, target across town, and kohl’s.  shew! i was beat and stressed out by the end, but i did have fun, and saved $60!  we got into bed at about 3 a.m.

friday we had a semi-lazy day.  i say semi, because we did help put christmas decorations up with barbara’s mom, but we didn’t get out of our pj’s until 4 p.m.  we went and got mexican with barbara’s brother. mmmmm table side guac! i love that stuff!  we ended up going to target, again, to see if they had another camera because barbara’s other brother wanted one for him and his gf (who are expecting!!).  then we came home and relaxed:

today, we slept until about 11:30 a.m. (actually 5:30 when scout was whining, but went back to sleep).  it felt so good.  i’ve been sooo tired lately, so sleeping in definitely helps how i make it through the day.  i cleaned out my car, then made some french toast!

i was so proud of myself! i know its french toast and it’s easy, but this is the first time i ever made it!  i used egg whites, almond milk, and a cinnamon blend (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and citrus peels).  i think i would have rather had straight cinnamon, but i was trying out the cinnamon blend!  i also had an over easy egg.  i love me some runny yolks!!

we got ourselves cleaned up and headed to costco for dog food, garden ridge for an outdoor christmas tree, and walgreens for a few this-and-that purchases.  i’m a little upset i didn’t spend any money on small businesses today, but i didn’t spend any money at all, since i’m trying to save for the rest of my christmas gifts.  but i do shop small every chance i get, anyway, so hopefully i’m not a terrible person for not participating in today.  my dad is a small business owner (he owns his own landscaping company), so i know how the effects feel.

now i’m sitting here with this guy!:

i love him so much.  he’s got me wrapped around his big ol’ basset hound paw!  i may go clean our room.. i’m trying to get barbara to go through her clothes cause she has a ton that i have never seen her wear, but she’s not feeling it.  i’m not going to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but i know there’s plenty she could give to some organization that she would never miss! anyways, i’m done for the night!


have a great sunday, boo for work on monday!  i need some major hours, though 😦  i hope i get this salary position and get it soon!


way back when, wednesday.

22 Nov

well.. i sat for the first section of the CPA exam this afternoon. i didn’t feel confident walking out of the testing center, but i’m going to wait until i actually see the results. i’m really hard on myself and i’m not going to beat myself up for something that i cannot change at this point. i know i could have studied harder/better/longer, but now i know what to expect and what to do for the next section (which is audit at the beginning of january).

because it’s been a pretty mentally draining day, i’m going to keep this post light of words and heavy on the pictures. i ended up not getting on the friday after my birthday, when i was going to post a flashback of the pictures i have from birthdays (i lost a majority of my pictures when my computer crashed my junior year in college, very sad day). scout also celebrated his 9 month birthday, on friday!

happy 9 months scout!

birthday celebrations over the years:





thanksgiving weekend celebrating 20



(my first legal drink)

(all i wanted for my 21 birthday was techno music and blacklights)

(by 12 i couldn’t stand, not my proudest moment)

i haven’t taken any photos of my birthdays since. 😦 i don’t know why. since my 21st it’s just been me and barbara out to dinner. i think i need to start taking more pictures.

now i get to spend the rest of the night with this crazy monster:

goodnight! if i’m not back before then, happy thanksgiving!


happy birthday, to me!

17 Nov

okay, usually i don’t draw attention to my birthdays; I like to keep it low key. I’m sitting at work bouncing off the walls/getting twitches from all of the sugar I have consumed between last night and today.

Last night Barbara’s mom made me that simple soup I LOVED last week since she wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. After that it was gifts, then cake. A red velvet “lava” cake.. Made in the pot by pampered chef where you bake the cake and pour in the icing so it melts around the cake.

Today my boss got me 48 cupcakes.. Ummmm, yeaahhh. Do I look like I need 48 cupcakes? I’ve eaten 3.. Even though I physically feel bad.. I don’t feel bad for eating them. I’m not going to restrict myself all the time and I will definitely enjoy myself on my birthday. Let’s just call this my BFL free week. Hey, you only love once. Bill Phillips will be there next week! Then I want to hit the gym hard for Christmas.

I wont go into today but I like to prove my dad wrong when it comes to my weight.. He likes to set me up for failure.. oh well.

I’m posting at work.. Boring post, sorry!

Maybe I’ll flashback to some of my more drunken birthdays tomorrow.. They sure were a sight to see (if I could have remembered them)


14 Nov

so, i haven’t been on since friday.. basically i suck at keeping this thing up. saturday i went to va beach and had a great time with some friends.  mended some broken friendships and just had a chance to be myself.

good friends.

i love going to va beach and eating seafood. i’m only 2 hours from the beach, but the seafood is definitely lacking compared to va beach.  that day was our free day, but we ended up eating really well. just not as many meals.

meal 1: protein smoothie (2/3 C almond milk, handful of blueberries, 1/2 banana, about 2 C of spinach) (<– this amazing shake came from this girl. it’s so nice having someone else who is doing/has done the same  thing you’re doing.  i tend to get bored with my meals easily and with jenetha’s blog and meal menu, i always have some great options for when my recipes get boring!)

meal 2: grilled crab cake sandwich (didn’t eat the bun) with sweet potato fries. ok, ok.. maybe sweet potato fries at a restaurant weren’t the best option, but maybe better than reg potatoes? (i’ll just keep telling myself that)

meal 3: hibatchi fillet and shrimp (me and barbara split an order, neither of us ended up eating the rice. just the proteins and veggies)

after that we had a few beers, which is the first time i drank since i started bfl.  as much as i did enjoy myself that night, i think i could have had the same amount of fun without alcohol. plus, i hate the feeling of waking up and feeling like shit the next morning.  i don’t know if this is me quitting drinking altogether, but it’s def been on my mind.

sunday.. i felt like crappppppp. too much alcohol, not enough water ( i try to drink at least half my weight in water each day.  during my work hours, i do great, but outside of work it another story).

i ended up going to wendy’s and getting chicken nuggets and a frosty ( my stomach was torn up from the alcohol) but guess what, i only felt worse. so i barely ate anything else the rest of the day.  i had some taco soup from barbara’s mom’s pampered chef party, but that’s about it.

a few pictures of me and rylee

last night i was up all night with terrible, terrible cramps. make you cry cramps. make you sleep in the bathroom cramps. TERRIBLE CRAMPS. needless to say i didn’t sleep much last night.  i didn’t get to the gym this morning and i barely made it to work on time.  work was short because i finally had my appointment with my specialist to see exactly why i’m feeling so slugglish all the time.  not only am i slugglish, but my memory has def changed for the worst, i forget what i’m about to say allllll the time. it’s terrible, i was never like this before and this year it’s gotten bad.  i’ve also noticed a change in my skin, it REALLY dry. so i got blood work taken and she also ultra-sounded my neck (which looked darker than it should).  if the blood comes back normal, we may do a sleep study because she noticed that my neck muscles are very large (she told me i have a big neck) which can cause sleep apnea.  i guess we will see. i just want answers.  i can’t keep going like this, i’m miserable.. all. the. time.

meal 1: mocha protein smoothie (2/3 C almond milk, 1/2 C coffee, 1 scoop of EAS Chocolate Whey protein powder, ice) with a Banana Nut Vitatop

meal 2: whole wheat pita with laughing cow light, low sodium turkey, and spinach

meal 3: half a serving of whole wheat penne with turkey meat sauce

.. this is all i’ve eaten today. didn’t have much of an appetite. i tried to eat, but i’m also not going to force feed myself.


that’s all for the day. sorry for the bad post. i’m gonna go curl up with my puppy, because puppies make everything better.


11.11.11. (and a mini flashbackfriday)

11 Nov

happy 11.11.11! 11 is actually my second fav number, behind 17!

i’m going to make this post quick today. i’m dedicating at least a good 5 or 6 hours of studying, because i need to shit together, like yesterday. ugh. i blame my dad for my major procrastination habits.

today i woke up to scout peeing in my bed.. greatttt wake up call. thanks, scout! as i got up, i noticed there was poop on the floor. ugh! my dog has completely forgotten everything there is to know about potty training. whyyyyy are bassets so stubborn!? he was doing so well up until this past week, where he has been TERRIBLE. damn you, scout. i think i’m going to try to crate him at night for a week or two and see if he re-learns anything (even though, he’s one of the few dogs i’ve met that doesn’t mind ‘soiling‘ his cage). let’s hope for the best. i really hate crating him at night, i feel like a bad mother, but i’m not going to ruin a mattress and wash sheets every day because he forgot what he’s been taught. plus he like’s to shred anything that he can find.. puppy pads, paper towels, toilet paper.. all things that are cheap, right? (<–sarcasm)

don’t let the sad eyes fool you, he’s a terrorist.

anyways, i’ve already cleaned the house this morning. i may have not been diagnosed with it, but i may have a slight case of OCD. no, my house doesn’t have to be spic-and-span (what does that even mean?) 24/7 (that would be impossible with 3 dogs, anyway) but i cannot sit in peace knowing that the floors need to be steamed or that there’s dog hair collecting in the kitchen corners. so i vacuumed the whole house, steamed the floors, and finished a few loads of laundry while eating breakfast.

meal 1: mocha protein shake (1 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk, .5 cup of water, 1 t of instant coffee, 1 scoop of EAS Chocolate Whey Protein powder) and a handful of Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins (which i’m pretty sure are better than cap’t crunch could ever dream of being).

.. that was awhile ago, since i showered and stuff, so i’m prob gonna grab a whole wheat pita here soon and fill it with some laughing cow light, low-sodium hillshire farm turkey, and tons of spinach! yum!

and now i will leave to eat and study. it’s very peaceful today, the dogs are in their crates because it’s hard to concentrate when i’m trying to keep an eye on them (mainly when scout decides to tackle yogi and start a 3-ring-circus in the middle of the living room)

tomorrow i go to va beach with barbara for a day trip just to get away! so excited! my heart’s in va beach.. i love that place (i lived there for 4 years during college and awhile afterward), esp when it’s not tourist season.

check ya later!


ps. here’s a few pics of scout when he was a puppy. (when he was a good dog and slept all the time!)

deciding which baby to pick!

(scout is on the right, and was $50 more, but i fell in love)

baby nug.

so sweet.

6 weeks v. 6 months.

i really do love him, sometimes he’s a pain though


oh well, wednesday

9 Nov

i shouldn’t be complaining because tomorrow afternoon starts my weekend (i have friday off), but today went by so.. effing.. slow.. this morning as i was trying to peel myself out of bed to get to the gym, i heard the stream of fresh pee hitting the hardwood floor. oh the joys of owning a basset puppy (who i have heard at the hardest at potty training). scout will be nine months old on the 18th and STILL PEES IN THE HOUSE.. not all the time; he does really good for a week, then does terrible the next week (he especially loves peeing in the bed, ugh!). so, as i looked at my phone, i realized i had overslept an hour.. the hour that i had to get to the gym and complete my heart-pumping HIIT workout (which i actually enjoy, because the short period of time it takes to burn a boatload of calories). ughhh, why do i suck at everything these last 2 weeks?!?! i need to snap out of it!

so i got ready in about 20 minutes flat, which i’m pretty good at getting ready quick, but if i had a choice, i would like to have a full hour and a half to take my time. i HATE rushing. my hair went up and i threw on an outfit (which was loose and unflattering, since a lot of my work clothes are getting too big on me. YAY for too big, but BOO for having to buy new work clothes; they’re so damn expensive) and out the door i went.

i had this on the way to work

(good balancing skills, eh?)

meal 1: mocha protein smoothie (1.5 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 T of instant coffee, 1 scoop EAS Chocolate Whey protein, ice) & a honey crisp apple

i thoroughly enjoy mocha protein smoothies, they make my mornings a little bit better.

i made it to work at 7 am (i’m trying to make up some hours because of the holiday) and started working on some stuff right away. by the time i looked up, it was 9:45 a.m. and my stomach knew it was time for another meal.

meal 2: protein oats (rolled oats, .5 scoop of EAS Chocolate Whey protein powder, 1 generous T of sunbutter <–LOVE)

i love my protein oatmeal just as much as i love my mocha smoothies. in fact, i could probably live off of them for the rest of my life and not get bored. plus, protein oats keep me full FOR.EVVV.VER. and i love that, because i hate feeling like i’m always hungry when i’m on an eating plan.

*insert 4 hours of work here (which = me trying to figure out why our two accounting systems don’t agree. we’re transitioning from one system to another, but life would be 10x easier at work if this transition would just be complete tomorrow.)

by 2:00 p.m., i was definitely ready to eat. barbara’s mom (who has been nice enough to let us live with her until we are financially ready for a house) made a very simple, but amazing soup last night while she was practicing for her pampered chef party tomorrow. the soup was just chicken, diced tomatoes, corn, onion, and garlic. it was/is SOOOO good. which shows you, simple can taste amaazing.

meal 3: chicken soup & an arnold sandwich thin with 1 T of sunbutter

did i mention that soup was amazing? i had to text barbara’s mom and tell her (cause i didn’t try any last night) and she didn’t believe me!

work, work, work. blah, blah, blah. oh and my supervisor finally decided to post the full-time position of my job (which she strongly suggested i apply to) that she told me about over a month ago.. wtf, i could have been salary by now. oh well, lets just hope i actually get the job. i read the description and it mirrors my day-to-day activities, so i’m not trying to stress; i have enough on my plate right now, like studying for the CPA exam.. which i am putting off this very second. UGH. NOVEMBER 22 IS GOING TO BE HERE TOMORROW before i know it and i wont have studied a second. hopefully i’ll get some good studying done friday when i force myself to go to the local library. anyways, where was i? oh..

meal 4: this guy –>

let’s talk about greek yogurt.. i’m not the biggest fan of it straight up. i love it on top of taco salads and mixed with applesauce & cinnamon, but there are some times i almost hate it.. like in my overnight oats or mixed with cereal (yuck!). i love the nutritional stats on it, so i’m trying to acquire the taste for it.. and i think it’s working slowly, but i’m not sure if i’ll ever eat it plain. i picked up this brand instead of my usual chobani while we were at costc0 because i like to try everything to make sure i’m not missing out. let’s just say, it will probably be the last time i buy fage in bulk.. not impressed. the mixing of the fruit isf awkward because the yogurt compartment is shaped very odd and its actually TOO sweet, which is saying a lot for me. i think, for now at least, i’ll stick to my chobani pineapple and mango (my two fav flavors).

came home, walked the dogs, did some laundry, did the dishes (can you tell i didn’t want to study), wiped down the kitchen, organized the fridge ( i reaaaally didn’t want to study), and started on dinner.. (all of this didn’t take me that long) while prepping dinner, i had a begging basset:

he LOVES sweet potatoes! one day, i was cutting some up for mashed sweet potatoes, one fell and he quickly grabbed it, so i let him have it. come to find out, earlier that week, he was sneaking sweet potatoes out of the box and eating them (busted by barbara’s dad). so now, every time he sees me cutting up something that looks remotely close to a sweet potato, it’s beg central (he did get one small piece 😉 ).

meal 5: flaxseed coated chicken tenders and baked sweet potato half moons with a spinach side salad. (so simple to make, so good.) i also tried my first kombucha tonight (gingerade). i didn’t hate it, but i didn’t love it. i do semi-like the taste, so maybe i will try a more mild flavor and see if i like that. if not, oh well.. can’t love everything! i know this girl loves some kombucha.

anddddd now i’m here. when i need to be studying. maybe this blog wasn’t such a good idea. oh, well. at least i have good company!

goodnight! ❤


9 Nov

today has not been my day. yesterday was not my day. this week (and last week) weren’t my weeks.. i’m ready for something good to come about, because i’m starting to feel extra debbie downerish..

2 good things about my day today:

1: my scarf matched my contigo coffee mug.

(my favorite color is purple)

2: i could eat sabra roasted garlic hummus by the spoonful


anyway, back to pity party mode, not that i want to be like this, i actually hate feeling blah.  so, as i’ve said before, i am completing a 12 week BFL challenge which i’m currently on week 8 (wait, maybe 7) i’m not positive.. the reason i’m not positive is because i’ve lost ALL drive to keep going with this challenge, i have NO IDEA why, though. this happens to me just about every time i try to lose weight and get back on track with exercising.. i hit about 2, maybe 3 months, and my drive just disappears.  i thought this time was different though, i was SO MOTIVATED and i was doing SO GOOD.  i haven’t veered off with my eating (that much) but exercise has definitely taken a hit.  this started about 2 weeks ago when i got a call from my mom telling me my dad was in hospital because he thought he had a heart attack (luckily he didn’t, but he’s still seeing a specialist to pin point what exactly caused that discomfort)

*note: i have been EXTRA exhausted the past few months (this includes a few months before i started BFL) and when i went home recently, i found out my dad has a completely inactive thyroid which he was put on medication for (he use to be the dad that came home from work and sat in his chair until he was ready to go to bed).  i, then, found out about a week later at a family wedding that my dad’s whole side has thyroid problems which have contributed to their weight (my whole family, minus a few young cousins, is overweight). i may be the spitting image of my mom when she was younger, but every health issue i have ever had, mirrors my dad (which helps so i know what i can to do help prevent some serious illnesses in the future). so i have an appointment with a specialist next week, since the blood work from my general practitioner didn’t show anything abnormal.

so, hopefully when it’s all said and done, i will be able to find out why i am exhausted and hopefully that will in-turn boost my drive to want to continue this challenge.  i’m luck i have barbara to help me get through it, if i didn’t have someone doing this with me, i would be no obligation to keep myself the slightest bit accountable.

my meals have basically been about the same for the past couple days..

satuday was my free day (bfl – eat whatever, whenever, as much as you like)

-mocha protein smoothie (2/3 C unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 C cold coffee, 1 scoop EAS Whey Chocolate, a few cubes of ice), 1 egg over easy, 2 kashi waffles.

-wendy’s bacon cheeseburger, fries, small frosty (btw felt like shit afterward – i know my body was trying to yell at me for what i put in it)

-chips, salsa, 2 soft chimichangas

-small cup of pumpkin fro-yo with cheesecake bites on top

sunday was busy so i was trying to get a balance of carbs and proteins as best as i could.  this included

-1 protein waffle with 1 tbsp of smucker’s natural honey pb spread on top

-a pure protein bar (chocolate peanut butter)

-1 cube of panko crusted chicken breast, 4 shells of edamame, 1 cube of pumpkin pie, 1 tbsp of clam and corn chowder.  (can you tell where we were? costco. DAMN THOSE FREE SAMPLES! the last few times i resisted the urge, but for some reason sunday, i gave right in)

– 1 apple and a handful of mixed nuts

-whole wheat penne pasta with chicken, spinach, and fontina meatballs with vodka sauce

..all in all not a terrible day, but definitely not the best i’ve had. didn’t drink half as much water as i should have.

monday: woke up and actually made it to the gym. did a lower body workout (half-assed) only burnt 278 cals.

-spinach/blueberry/banana protein shake with EAS Whey Vanilla and unsweetened almond milk

-protein oats (1/3 C rolled oats, 1 scoop of EAS Whey Vanilla protein powder, 1 tbsp of natural pb)

-leftover pasta and meatballs

-1 medium honeycrisp, 2 mini baby bell lights

-spinach salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and 4 oz of turkey roast (which had been slow cooking all day) with a little bit of annie’s honey mustard on top.  2 arnold sandwich thins with 1 tsp of sunbutter and 1 tsp of natural unsweetened applesauce.

..pretty good day (workout sucked cause i had no motivation but something is better than nothing, right?)

today: woke up at 3:45 am (efffff) to take barbara to the airport so no workout this am (which means no workout)

-mocha protein shake (same as one on sunday) and a honeycrisp apple

-half a whole wheat bagel with a smear of cream cheese, 2 pieces of pineapple and 1 piece of cantaloupe (we had breakfast at work and i thought they would have something i could have, which they really didnt.. so i stuck to these few items, then came back to my desk and had a chocolate protein smoothie)

-chocolate protein-sunbutter oats

-leftover pasta and meatballs, cucumbers and hummus

-laughing cow light wedged and 4 oz of low sodium turkey on a low carb wrap.. cucumbers with roasted garlic hummus i’m sitting here blogging (which i don’t think i’m very good at, nor am i consistent) when i really should be studying for the CPA exam.  so right now my blog doesn’t make much sense.. no sweating lately, not much studying, but i’m thinking about calling it an early night soon to see if i just need a good nights sleep to throw me out of this funk. ( i got maybe 1 solid hour of sleep last night cause the dogs were going crazy)

goodnight.. hopefully i’ll be back sooner than later.. in a better mood with better eating and gym habits also.

bottomless pit..

4 Nov

..which is exactly what my stomach is today. i’m at work, so idk how long this post will be, but we’ll see what i can come up with

so, my stomach .. i don’t get it, because some days i can eat something and it will keep me full for hours. the next day, i can eat the SAME EXACT THING and i will be starving in an hour. well, needless to say: today is the day that i’m starving. it’s a good thing i only pack one days worth of food with me, or i’d be in big trouble today!

so far i’ve had:

meal 1: mocha protein shake (1 C almond milk, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, .5 C of coffee, and a handful of ice) and a handful of barbara’s peanut butter puffins

meal 2: .5 C nonfat greek yogurt mixed with .5 C of natural, no sugar added applesauce and some cinnamon on top

meal 3: 2 arnold sandwich thins (1 extra because i was STARVING at this point) and 6 slices of reduced sodium turkey meat. one with laughing cow light and one with annie’s honey mustard and a bunch of baby carrots

…it’s 3:45 right now and i’m about to make some protein oats with a tablespoon of pb. usually that fills me up pretty good, so lets hope that does the trick! i’ve also drank well over a gallon to try to curb my hunger, but that def isn’t working.

oh well, i think that’s all i’m going to post for now.. got some work to do. happy friday!!

..well, good thing i copy and pasted right before i hit publish, because the security on our internet wouldn’t let this publish! ugh, i guess i’ll never be able to post anything at work. which is stupid! what happens when i have zerrro work to do? i guess i’ll just stick to reading blogs during work!

in case you were wondering, meal 4 (1/3 rolled oats, 3/4 scoop whey protein, 1 T of natural pb) did the trick 🙂

i didn’t get off work until 5:30 even though i’m suppose to get off at 4.. blah, i hate overtime on fridays.

i’ll prob go out somewhere for dinner to grab a salad, today i DO NOT feel like cooking, usually i don’t mind, but the thought today makes me want to pull my hair out. oh well.. until next time!

here goes nothing..

4 Nov

well.. here goes nothing! i’m completely new to blogging, but i’ve been wanting to try it out for the longest time. i wanted to start this blog now, because at this point in my life, it seems appropriate.

i just recently finished grad school and received my master’s in accountancy. most people hear that and groan at the thought of all that schooling, but up until now, the journey hasn’t been but so difficult, it’s the next part that terrifies me: sitting for my CPA exam.. ugh. the dreaded CPA exam, with a passing rate of about 40%.. which means 4 out of 10 people that exam pass.. which leaves 6 of us pulling out our hair, crying, screaming, and feeling just plain defeated after all of the work we put in between schooling and studying.

this is also a new time in my life because i now finally entering ‘the real world’. before now, i’ve been in school.. 3.5 years of undergrad and a year of grad school. i now have to get a real job and start taking care of myself, since my wonderful dad has been doing that up until now (and will probably help out for a little longer because he is an amazing man, but that’s another story.)

last, in this new chapter of my life, i have decided to transform myself, inside and out. you see, my whole life (and by whole, i mean WHOLE life) i have struggled with my weight. i was never the small girl, in fact i still remember being called fat in kindergarten. the thing was, i was more active than most kids half my size: i played basketball up until my junior year of high school and played softball year round until my second knee injury my junior year in college. sprints during basketball practice, psh.. i had it, i’d cross the line with the fastest girl on the team, and everyone would be amazed cause i was 3x the size of her. i would lose some weight, then gain it back + some more (because isn’t that how it goes)? i’d lose some weight again, then gain it back. most recently, november 18 (the day after my 23 birthday) of last year to be exact, i started another weight loss journey, i lost 47 pounds. in august when i weighed myself.. i was at the highest weight i had ever been in my life.

so here’s my journey. no more ups and downs, because even though the ups felt really good, the bottom that i hit felt terrible. i lived in yoga pants just about every day.. and its not because i do yoga.. it’s because that was ALL THAT FIT.

i ordered Body For Life on amazon in the middle of august because of a recommendation from a ‘friend’ janetha ( i call her a ‘friend’, because even though i have never met her, her blog [meals and moves] and pictures on instagram (where we share a bond as basset hound owners) have inspired me to finally get a real hold on my life; so thanks, janetha, for everything).

so far, i have lost 27 pounds and i feel 98938298928 x better than i ever have in my life. i don’t know why i ever thought clean eating was such a terrible thing.. like i would be deprived or something. i eat great meals and get great burns after eat workout!

anyways.. the point of this blog probably wont be to post every night, but just to make sure i keep on track with my eating and workouts. if i have a confession, i wont be afraid to write it down here. i know no ones perfect, but i’m in this for the long-run, so if i slip up a little, i know there is always tomorrow to do better.