i moved!

12 Aug

check me out at my new home: thesweatybetty.wordpress.com

that awkward moment when..

2 Apr

*i was working on this post friday, when i got a phone call from my mom saying she was going to the ER for chest pains.  needless to say, i was on my way up the highway to northern va for the weekend.  she’s home and feeling better now. the doctors aren’t sure what is going on, so they will be doing some tests this week.  that was definitely the icing on my cake.. actually my dad calling me fat and telling me i’m a disappointment (because of my job) was the icing on the cake. now i’ll leave you with my light-hearted post from friday*

hey guys! just wanted to drop in and say hey before my busy weekend!  i was supposed to RUN a 10k this weekend, but i might end up walking with it.. since i was supposed to be done with insanity by now 😦 i’ll also be looking at some houses around our area to see if we like anything that has already been built.. ugh. still so bitter.

these always make me laugh.. so hopefully they will for you, too!

look at the picture before you read the caption at the bottom. no cheating.

 the awkward moment when your friend’s arm makes you look naked.

plugged in the usb cable on the first try - Success Kid

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(more the 90’s and 2000’s)

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hopefully this week will be better! i’m participating in adventurous april! i’ve been doing really good at trying new recipes (from blogs/pinterest and making stuff up) so i want to continue that!  i also just want to MOVE MORE than i did in march. between my surgery and working crazy hours and just being lazy the rest of the time, i got barely any moves in. april will be different!


  • at least 1 (if not 2 or 3) new recipes a week
  • move at least 5 out of 7 days/week (even if that means wearing scout out on a long walk)

thanks, janetha, for hosting such a great challenge!

<img src=”http://mealsandmovesblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/aa.jpg”>

catch ya, later!



downright no good.. terrible.. awful..

29 Mar

..day. yep. it’s been the worst day i’ve had in a very long time.  so bad that i’m still tearing up as i’m writing this post because i’m so upset.

first thing this morning, there was a glitch in operations at work (my supervisors, manager and controller, are at a conference in vegas).  something that needed to get approved, didn’t.  i’m 99% positive that was not my fault, but with my luck, lately, i’ll be the one who takes the wrath..  especially since the last thing my manager said to me was “will talk in the meeting”. wow, awesome. can’t wait for that..

if there’s one thing people should NOT do to me, is to tell me we will discuss it later.  my mind will go 100893489308 miles a minute until my manager returns to work on monday and we can talk about… whatever it is.  i haven’t eaten all day because i’m so sick to my stomach thinking about what i could have possibly done wrong in all the situations this week.

well.. then barbara and i get an e-mail from our guy at Oakwood homes.  he has upped the price $30,000 more than what we were just at..  which is $15,000 more than where we initially started.  it’s not possible to get a loan for that amount; and even if we were to get approved for that, we would be house poor, which is something i never want to happen.

it’s just so frustrating because our hearts were set on that home.  it would be a brand new house, open floor plan, AMAZING kitchen, and 2 acres of land for a great deal.  i guess this just shows that i need to stop getting my hopes up, because nothing ever goes my way when i do that.

i also feel bad because scout will no longer be attending daycare. its $200 a month that we could be saving for a down payment or the last of the furniture we need. sacrifices, right? i think the reason that this bothers me the most, is because i know how excited he is in the mornings when i get ready (because he thinks he should go to camp every morning).. i know he’s just a dog.. but he’s my kid. furry or not.

so.. that’s my life right now. i’m depressed. i guess ‘everything happens for a reason’? right? well i hate all these obstacles that get in the way..

chicken nugs

28 Mar

i feel like this happens a lot has happened twice, so far. i go MIA and then come back with two recipes back to back. check out my SFV protein frappuccino here! i wouldn’t technically call this a recipe. or maybe you could. or maybe i’m just tooting my own horn. but i’m okay with that because these chicken nuggets were BOMB.

first, a quick note on life. we’re still in the process of finding out the loan amount and getting everything to fit into our budget. i’m a ball of anxiety. therefore, i’m eating carbs, carbs, and more carbs like its my job. even though i am acknowledging what i’m doing I CAN’T STOP. i’m SUCH an emotional eater and i feel like everything right now is just too much. i need to snap out of this binge. i’m right back at my highest weight right now, not that i know the exact number.. i’m too afraid to step on the scale. anyways.. back to this guilt free DELICIOUS recipe!

*this is two batches, since i was cooking for quite a few

homemade guilt-free chicken nugs!

prep time: 10 mins cook time: 15-20 mins

(makes 4 servings. 1 serving = about 8 nugs)

stats/serving: 208 cals, 8 carbs, 4 fat, 31 protein.


  • 1 package of boneless, skinless chicken tenders
  • ~1/4 cup of whole wheat italian breadcrumbs
  • ~1/8 cup of whole wheat flour
  • ~1/4 cup of parmesan cheese
  • ~1/2 cup of egg whites

*i didn’t really measure here, so these are just approximations, but a little went a long way!


  1. pre-heat oven to 400*
  2. prep your chicken. my package had 8 tenders, and i cut each piece into about 4-5 smaller pieces to give me a good ‘nugget’ size.
  3. combine ww flour, ww breadcrumbs, and cheese into a shallow bowl and mix.
  4. put egg whites into a separate shallow bowl.
  5. coat nuggets in egg white mixture and then breadcrumb mixture until completely covered and place onto a wire rack coated with cooking spray.*
  6. once all chicken is coated and positioned on wire rack, place in the oven for about 15-20 mins. (mine took about ~16 mins. i wasn’t really watching the clock and didn’t set a timer)
  7. once all nuggets are cooked through (165*), remove from over and let cool for about 3-5 mins.
  8. ENJOY!

*how much of the breadcrumb mixture you will need depends on how ‘coated’ you want your nuggets. i used a wire rack in this case because i find the chicken cooks more even without having to flip and risk losing any breading!

they were a hit! i served them with a squash/zuchinni/potato/tomato bake and annie’s ww mac’n’cheese. these would def be very kid friendly! yogi was pleading for some, but we said it would spoil his kibble 🙂

Q: what was your last dish you created that made you toot your own horn?

SFV protein frappuccino

27 Mar

hey guys!  i’m dropping in with a quick recipe i just made up!  i don’t even want to talk about life right now because it stresses me out just thinking about it, but i figured you would appreciate this amazing protein shake i just whipped up!

i’ve been CRAVING a frappuccino since the first day it got warmer than 60 degrees.  frappuccinos were my staple in high school.. it didn’t matter that they were over 4 bucks a pop, i had no expenses!

well.. since i’m trying to watch my spending and my waistline, i decided to experiment at home, for a lot less money! hope you enjoy!

SFV protein frappaccino

makes one giant shake or two medium shakes

(whole shake: calories: 213, carbs: 14, fat: 2, protein: 30)


  • 1 C milk (i used skim)
  • 6-8 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop of protein (i used MRM whey – french vanilla)
  • 2 T instant coffee *
  • 1 t vanilla extract
  • 1/4 t of xanthan and guar gum (optional)


blend and enjoy! i didn’t use any sweetener, but you could def add some to make the shake appeal to you.

*i’m sure you could use cold coffee that has been brewed prior.  i would play with the milk:coffee ratio in that case.


hope you guys like this as much as i did! perfect for warmer weather and a lot easier on the wallet (and waistline!)


Q: does nice weather make you crave anything? me.. music by brand new/the starting line and fraps 🙂


abc’s about me

19 Mar

hey there.. i haven’t had a light post in a while, so i think that is what today will be. i’m having a pretty light day at work today, so i’m going to sneak this post in real quick 🙂

first, a quick update on my cyst. i was in TERRIBLE pain wednesday, thursday, and friday.. saturday, i decided to ‘shamrock the block’ and had too many a few beers. my sister, who is my best friend, was in town, also, so we all met up.

it was a good time.. until i got emotional about leaving my sister. i’m SUCH a baby when it comes to leaving my sister. i only see her once every few months so when it comes time to say goodbye, i’m a freaking basket case (even in sober situations: i got my last speeding ticket after i left from a visit home because i was speeding and crying and not paying attention). not sure why this happens, it’s almost like a homesick feeling. i don’t know, i’m weird.


anyway.. the beers took the edge off the pain and then yesterday the packing in the wound fell out.. tmi? (which is where i think most of the pain was coming from) so now i’m just a little sore. don’t worry.. i have a donut seat for work.. yes, i’m 72 years old.

now.. on a lighter note.. when janetha posted this survey, i wanted to do it immediately.. but work was crazy, getting ready to buy a house was super stressful (and still is), my cyst was painful and i barely had time to brush my hair, let alone write a post.. so better late than never, right?

A is for age: 24.. am i the only one who has trouble remembering my age? it’s like my 24 birthday didn’t happen.. i still want to say i’m 23.. sometimes i still think i’m 22.. not sure why, because i don’t act like my age. if that were the case i’d be about 74.

B is for breakfast today: pineapple chobani and a sprinkle of kashi golean crunch – honey almond flax. i’ve tried this combo with apple cinnamon and passion fruit, and i have to say pineapple is my fav. i think the kashi takes away from the apple cinnamon, which is my new favorite flavor, but the pineapple compliments the cereal well. just in case you were wondering 🙂

so good i forgot to take a pic!

C is for currently craving: water. drinking on saturday and then playing softball for 4 hours yesterday left me very dehydrated. i’m 3/4 of the way to a gallon and it’s only 10:15 a.m.

D is for dinner tonight: shamrock ravioli and with meat sauce. we bought festive ravioli from costco last week and didn’t get to eat them friday, saturday, or sunday.. so, today it is!

E is for favorite type of exercise: i love not feeling like i’m exercising. i took racquetball in college and that was prob one of my fav fast-paced sports. yes i love softball, and played it for 20 years, but racquetball was a lot of fun. basketball, when my knees were still fresh, was fun too. funny how i don’t miss softball, but i do miss basketball. i think i was burnt out from softball. (my bball coach told me i wouldn’t get playing time unless i quit softball.. so i quit.. basketball. i’ve missed it since that day)

F is for an irrational fear: between growing up and recently.. i’ve house hunted a lot (we moved 3 times when i was a kid). my biggest fear is that i will fall through the second floor ceiling of an older house.. in the new house, the house wont be finished right away and walking on plywood scares the hell outta me.

G is for gross food: CILANTRO.. blech! i’m also big on texture.. and peas, chick peas, beans, etc really gross me out. i love humus, but i’ve tried falafels and other dishes with chick peas and i just can’t do it.. i will on eat beans with chili, which didn’t start happening until about fall of last year. i still think they ruin a perfectly good dish.

H is for hometown: fairfax, va. 15 mins outside of washington dc.

I is for something important: like i said earlier, my sister. who is my best friend. don’t know what i would do without her. we hated each other growing up.. or more me hating her. i’m not sure why, and i wish i didn’t.

is for current favorite jam: not sure if i have one jam in particular, but i’m loving fun. radio on pandora. that and skyscraper by demi lovato. (note: sometimes i’m a 12 yr old teeny bopper) i don’t discriminate on any music.

K is for kids: scout – 1, yogi – 4, ace – 6

L is for current location: my cube

M is for the most recent way you spent money: deposits for the house people and pampered chef. got LOTS of goodies for the new kitchen 🙂 can’t wait.

is for something you need: the answer about how much we’re actually getting approved for. right now we just have a pre-approval letter.

O is for occupation: general ledger accountant

P is for pet peeve: people who clip their finger nails in public spaces. GROSS.

Q is for a quote: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
― robert frost

R is for random fact about you: i hate people looking at my feet but i love to wear flip-flops. unless its 25 degrees and below and/or snowing.. it’s not too cold for flip-flops. shoes make me feel claustrophobic.
S is for favorite healthy snack: turkey + horseradish on wasa crackers. reminds me of lunchables!

T is for favorite treat: cinnamon toast crunch treats (instead of rice krispies)

U is for something that makes you unique: i am left-handed.. but the only thing i actually do left-handed is write and eat. i was forced to play softball/tee ball right-handed.

V is for favorite vegetable: spaghetti squash.. or eggplant..

W is for today’s workout: still taking it easy for my backside’s sake.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: nose, thumb, both knees, neck, back

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: going to the softball field.


Z is for your time zone: eastern EST

okay. the end. sorry if you didn’t have fun reading this. i had fun writing it 🙂

hopefully i can find balance in my life sometime soon.. i feel like there is zero structure and i need that.

hope everyone had a great weekend!

doctors visit

14 Mar

if you don’t want to be invited to my pitty party, come back another day..

my problem started last week, where i worked well over 60 hours. i tried to get up and move as much as possible, but when your boss is hassling you to get something done, that’s the last thing you think about..

by the end of the week my tailbone was reaaaaaally sore.. like i had just fallen on it sore (*note: i broke my tailbone in college being an idiot and sometimes i have dull pain, but nothing this serious)

fast forward to monday and i couldn’t even sit without excruciating pain.

this morning, i woke up after a very shitty nights sleep (because of the pain) and was almost in tears from the pain in my tailbone region.. i scheduled an appointment and was seeing a doctor by 10 am.. turns out it wasn’t just a sore tailbone.. it was a cyst ON my tailbone causing major discomfort. apparently it was pretty serious and i ha han appointment at 2pm to get it checked out by a specialist..

well.. at 3pm, many numbing shots, some cussing, and tonnnnns of tears later, i was out of there in more pain than i came (have i ever mentioned i have a phobia of needles/doctors..? well, now ya know). a different kind of pain, but pain nonetheless.. turns out the cyst (which i have had facial cysts before) is hereditary, but the long hours at the job last week flared it into a frenzy..

so i’m laying in bed playing draw something thinking about how random and painful this day was.. i feel like this stuff only happens to me..

hope your day was better than mine. i’m gonna go snuggle with this guy:



7 Mar

hey guys.. i know i haven’t been on here in a while.. i just wanted to give you a quick update and then get back to work.

work: in the past few days i’ve had a ton of projects thrown my way, which means i’m working about 10-14 hour days.. in at 6:30am out at 8:30pm. not my favorite.. but the work needs to get done.

Zrii: i think Zrii is going as good as possible since i know i’m not treating my body the right way. i’ve been following the plan except working out and i’ve lost 6 lbs. i feel better all around, too.. other than the lack of sleep

fitness: none. yepp.. after working over 10 – 14 hours.. the last thing i want to do is workout.

life: we’re buying a house! well.. technically “i’m” buying a house because the mortgage is in my name. barbara has over $100,000 of student loans. i guess it’s not appealing to mortgage companies when your student loans are half a house.. finances are tight right now.. there are things we want to do/have and i don’t really know how its going to happen. barbara is the person that wants everything right when we move in.. but i’m okay using our brown tv stand in the ‘grey/black’ living room until we can afford a new one.. not her. so.. i’m stressed at work.. and when i go home, it’s even more talk about money and finances and it’s making it impossible to sleep at night. i guess this is what being an adult.

overall.. i’m just exhausted.. physically and mentally. and i would really love some carbs and a diet pepsi. but i’m not going to..

have a good night. back to spreadsheets.

Q: are you ‘gotta-have-it-all-right-now’ person or ‘to-avoid-stress-lets-buy-as-we-go’ kinda person?

doctor’s note

1 Mar

no, i’m not calling in sick, again. i just wanted to give everyone a brief update on my health/sleepiness..

i decided back in november that i was tired of always feeling tired. i went and had a sleep study, after my thyroid came back normal, and then thought i got dropped from my parents insurance, so i didn’t go back for a follow-up.

fast forward to a week ago (no i didn’t get dropped from my parents insurance, it was just a mix up), i had another sleep study called a sleep latency test which monitored my sleep during 5 small, 20 minute naps. i had a follow-up appointment and come to find out, i do have narcolepsy. i can’t say i’m happy that i found out i have this problem, but i am happy to know i’m not going crazy. people told me “you’ll never not be, at least, a little tired” or “you sit at a desk all day, what do you expect?”. i knew what i was feeling wasn’t normal ‘sleepiness’.

from here i’ll take some samples provided by my doctor to see if those have any effect on my symptoms. i’m also interested to see how this affects my studying.. did i mention i almost fell asleep during my CPA exam yesterday andddd the one i took at the beginning of the month? yeah, not normal.

anyways.. there’s my health update. on another note: my Zrii package came in on tuesday and i started the purify cleanse today! so far i’ve only had their achieve shake for breakfast and i’m still not hungry.. that’s 5 hours since i last ate! hopefully this all works out and this will be the kick start to healthy habits.

i want to say, i’m not giving up on my bfl eating. i loooove everything about it.
i will be returning to it, once i try this new product out. hopefully, then, i will be able to eat more intuitively.. which is something i am not good at, currently.

Q: do you find you are able to eat intuitively without measuring and counting calories or does it just not click for you?


28 Feb

not much going on with workouts the last few days.. i’ve felt like a piece of crap since sunday morning, skipped work monday, and barely made it in today..

i’m achy, nauseous, and have a headache.

thats all for now.. CPA exam tomorrow 😦 catch up soon.